Your (Snarky) Star Wars Video Game Proposals

Last week news dropped that Lucasfilm was getting ready to introduce a new Star Wars game franchise at this year’s E3. Naturally, we saw this as a cue to solicit your ideas on what it might be. Well. Your snark-filled ideas, anyway.

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  1. murray1134
    @Tosche_Station Battlefront 3: Jar Jar’s Revenge

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:02:56
  2. clubjade
    @tosche_station Clearly the answer is Angry Rebels:

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:05:09
  3. erier2003
    @Tosche_Station: “Star Wars: Fine, You Win” — personally supervised by GL. You play Han and just shoot Greedo repeatedly.

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:05:31
  4. AaronPetzer
    @Tosche_Station starwars legos 3D????
    LOL….sorry,couldnt help it :-)

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:05:39
  5. reambrose
    @Tosche_Station Wicket, Palpatine and Xizor must ally together for the ultimate karoke competition. Secret code reveals Wicket’s a bass.

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:06:07
  6. Mattrushing02
    @tosche_station Star Wars: Wicket and Jar Jar’s adventures

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:14:58
  7. Briannakin
    @Tosche_Station Escape from Alderaan! You lose… every single time.

    Fri, May 25 2012 14:20:43
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  1. Ian Miller says:

    Farming in Star Wars
    Star Wars Formal Dancing, with Side Missions of Body Language and Flower Arrangement
    Official Star Wars Fanfiction Editor

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