Who Should Play Carol Danvers in the MCU?

The Avengers 2 may not be coming out for another two and a half years but casting speculation has already begun and with good reason.  Given the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s tendencies to introduce characters in their lead up films, there’s a good chance that we’ll be seeing new team members in one of the four Phase Two films currently in production.  Ms/Captain Marvel, aka Carol Danvers, is currently one of the superheroes rumored to join the team and with that rumor comes plenty of casting speculation.  Earlier, the rumor mill was offering six actresses who are supposedly under consideration and that list has since been narrowed down to two: Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson.  Emily Blunt was originally the front runner for Black Widow but had to bow out due to other film commitments.  She could certainly be an interesting choice as Carol.

However, what’s the fun in there being casting speculation if we don’t get to join in?  With that, we present a few of our own picks for who could step into the role of Carol Danvers in the MCU. To the jump!

Bria’s Picks:
Yvonne Strahvoski
If you watched Chuck then you already know why I think Yvonne would be an excellent choice.  She’s also my first choice for the role.  Not only does she definitely look the part but at least half of her performance as Sarah Walker in the aforementioned Chuck felt like a personal audition tape for Carol to me.  Yvonne can act and she’s had at least some experience filming fight scenes convincingly.  Plus?  She has the right looks and the right amount of sass to be Carol.

Anna Torv
Since Fringe is finishing up its final season, Anna Torv will be looking for a new job soon and I can’t think of a better fit for her than The Avengers.  Carol would certainly be a very different role from Olivia Dunham but her versatility as an actress in that show has certainly impressed me. (She played 3 versions of Olivia and even pulled off an incredible impression of Leonard Nimoy’s character.)  I haven’t seen her in an action focused role but she’s handled all of the crazy science fiction things that Fringe has thrown her way and I can’t help but think that would come in quite useful for this part.

Katee Sackhoff
In all honesty, casting Katee has never even occurred to me until I saw this photoshopped picture where someone put Katee’s head on a Captain Marvel costume.  I have no idea what potential route that Marvel is going to take in regards to Carol in the Avengers film but wow would she rock the new Captain Marvel costume.  We already know that she can pull off a military role which I think is crucial to Carol’s character.  Like Yvonne, I think that Katee has the right amount of sass along with a side of badass to be Carol.

Brian’s Picks:
I’ve only got two picks. Because Bria took the first three that came to my head. I’d be thrilled if Carol was cast as any of the above three (particularly Katee Sackhoff), but there are a few other names I’d toss into the ring if I were involved with the casting choices in the Marvel film universe.

Charlize Theron
I’ll just leave this gifset here. Seriously though, when you need I’m-in-charge-and-I-know-
I’m-going-to-kick-your-butt, you can’t go wrong with Charlize Theron. The last film I saw her in was Prometheus, and while that was a mess of a plot, Theron demonstrated the sort of temperament and persona I think could fit Carol Danvers well.

Lucy Liu
Now, I know what you’re thinking. Lucy Liu is an Asian actress and Carol Danvers definitely is not Asian. But that hasn’t stopped Marvel before. Just look at Nick Fury. In the primary Earth-616 Marvel canon, Fury is a white World War II veteran while in the Marvel film universe he’s played by Samuel Motherfrakking Jackson. I think we can all agree that tossing race concerns away worked well for that character, so why not consider something similar for Carol? Lucy Liu is a fantastic actress and one that could provide a bit of diversity in the cast. And hey, diversity is a good thing.

Like our picks?  Hate them?  Do you have your own ideas about who could be Carol?  Leave ‘em in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Who Should Play Carol Danvers in the MCU?

  1. Some great choices here, I'd agree that Yvonne Strahvoski would be a great choice because - like Carol Danvers - she looks like she could totally kick your ass. Lucy Liu I adore, but wouldn't go for in this role. I think Emily Blunt would have been fantastic as Black Widow, she fits the look of BW far more than Scarlet (who is awesome, just look at Wolverine, a 5 foot nothing squat guy who's played by a 6 foot plus Aussie).
    So many great strong female characters to cast, hope they get the right feel for them, too important not to.

  2. Strahovski previously linked to role: http://celluloidandcigaretteburns.blogspot.com/2011/02/rumor-yvonne-strahovski-playing-carol.html
    She's 5'9" and I don't know if that would work for or against her. I would definitely prefer her over Anna Torv, who just doesn't have the glow of a super hero.

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