What Celebration Taught Us About Rebels

rebels logoBrian and I weren’t able to attend the Rebels panels at Celebration, but Bria was there covering for White Hot Room and a bunch of other Twitter/blogger/podcaster friends were also in attendance.

Not only did Celebration give us a taste of what’s to come in Season 2 in the form of a fabulous trailer, but some lucky folks also got to see the season premiere. No spoilers for the episode here, but we’ll do our best to recap the trailer and speculate about what we might see in Season 2.

  • Ezra says that he and Kanan are the last Jedi left. Does this mean Kanan doesn’t know about Ahsoka’s past in the Jedi Order, or is his statement just a technicality since she never finished her training?
  • We see Kanan wearing a stormtrooper uniform, and he mentions that the Ghost‘s mission is to steal from the Empire to give to the needy. Kind of like a space Robin Hood, I guess? It’ll definitely be interesting to see Kanan going undercover in the Empire.
  • Palpatine (voiced by Sam Witwer) dispatches Vader (voiced by James Earl Jones) to deal with the Rebels in the Lothal system. This excites me as I’ve always wanted to see Vader hunting down and destroying the Jedi Knights, just as he was described as doing in A New Hope.
  • Starfighter combat! Space battles! A-wings! TIE fighters! Vader in his TIE Advanced! This excites me to no end. I love a good space battle, and the Season 1 finale whet my appetite for more.
  • Hera says they have to leave for the good of Lothal. This also excites me, because them sticking around Lothal has begun to push the bounds of believability for me. With Vader on their tail, I see them having to jump from planet to planet.
  • Considering the season premiere is called “The Siege of Lothal,” I have a bad feeling about the planet’s future.
  • Ahsoka asks if she can tag along — but to where? And for what? Leaving Lothal? Another unspecified mission? We see the Ghost crew meeting up with her inside one of the Alderaanian ships, alluding to the fact they’ll be working together in the future.
  • Hera and Ahsoka are in a cockpit together? Yes please.
  • Apparently Season 2 will feature two new bad guys (Inquisitors?), one masked and one not. There’s already rampant speculation on the identity of the masked Inquisitor. I love that there are more than one, and it makes me wonder where exactly they came from.
  • Captain Rex is back! So are Wolffe and Gregor. Dee Bradley Baker is doing the voices of the clones, of course, and made a surprise appearance at the cast panel. I wonder what the three of them have been up to, and how they managed to break the Order 66 programming. Apparently you can see scars on their heads which might indicate they’ve removed or tampered with their chips, like we saw in the Lost Missions episodes.
  • B-WINGS! The first flight of the B-wing! I wonder if this means we’ll see Ackbar…
  • Hondo is back! And they’re off on an adventure! This could spell hilarity or tragedy for the Ghost crew. Or both.
  • The Rebels fight against some big monster creature on what looks to be a barren, rocky desert planet. Is this where the clones have been hanging out, or is it just their current base of operations and they’ve been moving from place to place?
  • “They’ll all be coming now.” Ominous words from Ahsoka, but what does it mean? We see more of the new bad guys, so does she mean that even more Inquisitors will be hunting them? And does she know about Darth Vader — if not the truth about his identity? Hmmm.
  • The trailer ends with a duel between Vader, Kanan, and Ezra — and things don’t seem to be going very well for the Jedi. This makes me happy, because Vader should be able to wipe the floor with Kanan and Ezra without even blinking. That doesn’t mean I want to see them die, but I don’t want to see Vader easily defeated, either.

So, yeah. That happened. *commence nailbiting*

Be on the lookout for tonight’s episode of Tosche Station, in which Brian and I will be chatting Rebels with William from the Ion Cannon Podcast!