Tosche Station Radio: Return of the Jedi Live Commentary


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Our sixth installment in Tosche Station Radio’s live commentary track series brings us to Return of the Jedi. Joining us this time around are Grace, Sarah, and Jawa James himself.


  • We will be using the Blu Ray discs for these recordings. The recently released digital copies will also work
  • Each recording will start at the 00:00:00 mark (the black screen before the Fox fanfare appear)
  • We will give a “3, 2, 1, play” count. When we say play, that’s your cue to start the film

A note on this recording: For some reason, the RotJ BR features two Fox fanfares (Sequence is black screen, Fox fanfare, blue PG rating screen, black screen, Fox fanfare). We will be starting on the black screen right before the second fanfare.

Sit back and enjoy!

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