Tosche Station Radio #81: Rebels and Rumors


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This week on Tosche Station Radio, we’re joined by Brian from EUCantina to discuss Star Wars Rebels and diversity!

Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight what’s New on the Blog. Emily reviewed Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2. Bria reviewed Legacy #12. Bria also traveled further on the Hondo Caravan and learned that people like to put Anakin in bad situations. Bria reported on her weekend at Katsucon.

In Fixer’s Flash, the hosts have kept busy by going to Disney Parks (naturally) and reading Honor Among Thieves.

Deak’s Dirt is light this week. Netflix released a trailer for The Clone Wars: Lost Missions. Star Wars Weekends gets biggest, James Arnold Taylor confirmed as host.

New on the podcast is an all new feature we like to call Biggs’ Bull$#!^. Variety reports that Adam Driver will play the villain. relaunched and teased some Episode VII concept art including the Millennium Falcon. MarketSaw claims an exclusive source tells them all sorts of stuff and things.

Camie’s Concerns this week looks at all the Rebels news and looks at the marketing of the upcoming show. Required reading for this discussion: Amy Ratcliffe’s article about marketing and female characters from The Mary Sue, Dunc’s article about female action figures from Club Jade, and Mia Moretti’s article about why owning diversity is important from Eleven-ThirtyEight.

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