Tosche Station Radio #98: Five Year Plan


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Its five years of Marvel movies this week on Tosche Station Radio!

Kicking off the show, the hosts discuss What’s New on the Blog. The tension in Nanci’s Thrawn Trilogy retrospective is off the charts. Shoshana started her Jedi Apprentice retrospective! In Rebels news, Nanci reviewed “Out of Darkness” and Brian reviewed “Empire Day.” Bria reviewed Mockingjay and told us why Bria Tharen needs to be in Rebels.

Fixer’s Flash features Nanci writing, Brian failing to purchase video games, and Bria costuming. Surprise surprise.

This week Deak’s Dirt starts with a Hollywood Reporter article on the security surrounding The Force Awakens. Solicitations for Marvel’s Darth Vader comic, which arrives in February. The Princess Leia miniseries will debut in March, and the Star Wars comic will be the first to arrive, in January. According to Tracy Cannobio at Lucasfilm, Rebels will go on hiatus next week and will return on January 5. Check out this AWESOME Celebration Anaheim video!

When are we going to see a trailer for The Force Awakens? Who knows, but we discuss it on Biggs Bull$#*@ anyways.

Marvel announced a bunch of movies, and Bria joins us to discuss them on Camie’s Concerns this week. There’s a whole lot of stuff to be excited for!

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  1. I was working while listening so I may have misheard, but I think there were questions about how many episodes are in the first season of Rebels and when will it return. There are 16 episodes (although I don't know if the "movie" is included in that) and the next episode airs on January 5.

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