Tosche Station Radio #84: Legend of the Expanded Universe


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For the second time ever, it’s an emergency episode of Tosche Station Radio.

You’ve heard the news. The Expanded Universe is changing and Star Wars literature will be flying under a new banner moving forward. Abandoning the usual format for a roundtable, the hosts are joined by Bria to break down the news of the day and offer their reaction, what this all means moving forward, and what they think of the four brand new novels announced.

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12 thoughts on “Tosche Station Radio #84: Legend of the Expanded Universe

  1. Never gonna buy more SW books ! arrogant shits @lucasfilm. Not everything in EU was good but to delete the characters is f braindead ! And old republic era ftw For those of you for some sick reason will buy the new books have fun with the new dumb down Foloni,Hidalgo,Chee approved universe....

    • "For those of you for some sick reason will buy the new books..." "...dumb down..."

      Wow. First, the reason I'll buy them isn't sick at all, it's because I like reading Star Wars stories. Second, there's no way for you to know if these are "dumb down" or not. In fact, I'd put money on them not being dumbed down based on the proven and popular EU authors they've chosen to kick off this new line.

  2. Wow you guys are assholes, with such hatred for Lucas' Star Wars. Lucas stated several times that the EU was an alternate universe. Your mistake was believing it to be "authentic".

  3. So, Lucasfilm are arrogant shits and you guys are assholes. You ran the full troll gamut two comments flat.

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  5. I agree with so much of what you guys said in the podcast, and I don't believe you're just trolling at all. I like the point you made about not trying to pass of to us that LFL (and Disney by-proxy; I've equated it to a mob hit - you can't prove the mob boss did it, but you know he was involved) was scrubbing the EU because they want to tell a more cohesive story. I saw in a blog post and was reminded that yes, especially during most of the 90's there was some strangeness that happened in the EU - but for the most part (excluding TCW/Mando debacle) the EU is decent and much more consistent than many other EUs (note. I'm not saying it's all great stuff - just didn't conflict on itself) because of LFL and that I remember LFL themselves saying the same thing they are saying now starting with The Force Unleashed, they were working across all the media (comics, books, games, etc.) to create a rich cohesive story. Now they've redacted that, and then some and to me the only reason they're doing it is so they can get Chewbacca and Mara back for the big screen. They could have made a movie with nothing but Wookiees in it, and Peter Mayhew in everyone, - but they need Chewie's name for the marketing, figures, etc. and they know Mara's name from the EU has just as much marketing power. Like you said, they are not trying to give the writers the most room to be creative - great writers should be able to that with anything like Luceno, MIller and Kemp did with books like Plagueis and Kenobi. What made the Star Wars universe so rich was that it was beat up universe with loads of things in the background that had back story and history which is what made the EU so great - they fleshed this out so if you wanted to go deeper than the movies and find out what the motivations and past were behind something or someone alluded to in the movies, you could. I will venture down the road of the new "Canon Universe" because of the same reason - I want to know what has changed and how the characters we know are different, have different motivations, etc. but I wish that it wouldn't seem like LFL wants be to believe that it's removing all of that for the betterment of the Star Wars universe when it really is just a business decision instead.

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