Tosche Station Radio #3: Flashback

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The hosts cover a lot of ground in today’s episode! In Fixer’s Flash, Nanci talks about the fun she had on Sunday watching the biggest event of the sports year. That’s right, the Puppy Bowl! She also talks about her guest-spot on fellow Solo Sound podcast We Talk Clones. Both hosts talk about their further adventures with the Hunger Games trilogy*. Brian briefly discusses Haywire, a fun and exciting action/chase movie featuring a soundtrack he seemed to greatly enjoy. In news that surprises no one, he also gushed about the Avengers trailer that aired during the Superbowl.

*By which we mean we talk about how they made Brian cry. A lot.

Over in Deak’s Dirt, the hosts tackle the latest crazy rumor about the live-action Star Wars series. Time travel? To say Nanci and Brian are skeptical would be an understatement.

For Camie’s Concerns, the hosts take a look back at The Phantom Menace. Nanci feels old when Brian says he was only ten when it came out. Both reflect on where they were and their memories of the hype leading up to the first installment of the prequel trilogy. Of course, it’s not an episode unless one of the hosts gets ranty. Brian stops the show to highlight a ClubJade article that calls out Superfans and the lack of civility in the Star Wars fandom. He takes both sides of the usual arguments to task.

In the second-half of Camie’s Concerns, Brian and Nanci talk what non-Star Wars entertainment they’re looking forward to this year. It’s also revealed that both will be responsible for the end of Western civilization as we know it when they meet up in person for three weeks to go to Celebration VI and Dragon Con.

Wormie’s Works highlights two more great pieces of fanwork:

Nanci’s pick for fanwork of the week: Iverna’s fanart, covers, and commissions

Brian’s pick for fanwork of the week: Above the Line of Fire by Mirax_Corran, a Rogue Squadron origin story

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  1. I realized just now that one of my all-time favorite Star Wars fan fiction writers also co-hosts this fantastic podcast AND has collected some of my favorite fan works on deviantART. Small universe, eh? Love your work, JediMara77!

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