Tosche Station Radio #18: Cut Short


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It’s a brief episode of Tosche Station Radio this week, but the hosts still pack in the snark.

The show kicks off with a bit of housekeeping. First, Nanci recorded a guest spot on the Star Wars Beyond the Films podcast, so listen for her on a future episode. The Replace Mara’s Catsuit contest has also gotten an extension to August 15th to give costumers enough time to put an outfit together for convention season.

On the blog this week, we received two art entries for the contest from Victoria and a costume submission from Blizz. We asked for your snarky suggestions on what the new Star Wars videogame franchise that will be unveiled at E3 might be. Shane discussed the stagnation of technology in the Star Wars universe. But the big news, however …

On Wednesday, June 6th, Tosche Station Radio will be interviewing Expanded Universe author Aaron Allston! Be sure to send us your questions.

In Fixer’s Flash,  Nanci attended another round of Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Most popular character there? Artoo, by a country mile. Nanci also started reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. She also found some time this weekend to revisit one of her favorite campy 80s science fiction films. But her most important accomplishment? She’s done with the first pat of her first original novel. Meanwhile, Brian went off and saw Men in Black III and enjoyed it, but he’s been preoccupied with getting reading for the Origins Game Fair. He’ll be in attendance for panels conducted by the likes of Bryan Young, Timothy Zahn, Michael Stackpole, and the Origins Guest of Honor, Aaron Allston.

Deak’s Dirt brings news of a new Star Wars video game franchise to be unveiled this week. Nanci gushed about the Clone Wars season five trailer and Brian speculated as to whether or not Seth Green and Matthew Senreich would be bringing news of their secret Star Wars project to Celebration VI this year.  Lucasfilm’s Jennifer Heddle conducted an interview with EUCantina and said that ideas for a Leia book are being considered and that if Mercy Kill sells well, more X-Wing novels could wind up on the schedule.

For Wormie’s Works, Nanci highlights some great parody music and Brian links to a friend’s brilliant cosplay.

Wrapping up the show, the hosts dive into the Trope of the Week: Deadpan Snarker.

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