Tosche Station Radio #16: Genre Subversion


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The hosts kick off by highlighting what’s new on the blog since our last audio check-in. Emily wrote a column looking into why Star Wars needs women more than ever. Nanci discussed why we love Star Wars, and as hard as it is to believe, it’s more than just the lightsabers and explosions. Shane started up his retro review of Kevin J. Anderson’s Daarksaber. We asked you for your Star Wars Avengers. Finally, Brian checked in with his latest column that  investigates how The Legend of Korra is taking down gender stereotypes and the lessons Star Wars can draw from it.

Over in Fixer’s Flash, both Nanci and Brian have seen the Avengers (Brian several times now). Both the hosts now want some shawarma as a result. Nani has been reading through the Mageworld series, and from the sounds of it, she recommends it highly. She also has been working on her original novel and is posting excerpts over at her blog. Brian has finally gotten around to reading Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor. Of course, he’s still reading Marvel comics and trying to catch up with his friends, but he took some time out to see Dark Shadows. It’s exactly what you should expect from a Tim Burton movie that’s remaking a 70s soap opera about a vampire.

Deak’s Dirt covers a lot of ground this week, starting off by talking about the 10th anniversary of Attack of the Clones. Timothy Zahn’s The Icarus Hunt is coming to ebook form, and both of the hosts strongly encourage you to pick it up.  Celebrities aplenty have been confirmed for Celebration VI and Her Universe has been teasing all sorts of neat new products you can pick up there. In EU news, don’t forget to check out the entire second chapter from Scoundrels. On a down note, Lucasfilm laid off the wonderful Bonnie Burton. The hosts are bummed.

This week’s Camie’s Concerns delves into the topic of women in science fiction and fantasy. To help with the topic, the hosts have brought in Emily, one of the blog’s writer’s and the designated Wielder of the Red Pen. Nanci, Brian, and Emily discuss some of the great female characters in film, television, books, and comics. Brian even enlists the help of his so-called Comic Spirit Guide for an assist.

For Wormie’s Works, Nanci highlights some fanart and Brian links to one of the biggest Star Wars games you’ll ever find.

Nanci’s pick for fanwork of the week: No Light No Light and In Other Words, I Love You by RedHandedJill44
Brian’s pick for fanwork of the week: Fleet Commander by Arthur Nisimoto

Wrapping up the show, the hosts field some questions from listeners and highlight the trope of the week: Retcons.

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