Tosche Station Radio #137: The Force Awakens Review Special


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Brian from EUCantina and Jay from Eleven-ThirtyEight join us this week to do only one thing: review The Force Awakens. We dispense with the usual format and dive straight in to discuss the characters, plot, music, and more.

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3 thoughts on “Tosche Station Radio #137: The Force Awakens Review Special

  1. Love the show. REALLY enjoyed the review. BUT, our thoughts on Rey: She IS Luke's daughter, but he thought she perished with her mother when Kylo razed the jedi academy. Luke's wife did die, but someone whisked Rey away from Kylo to Jakku and while they could not deliver her to Lor San Tekka directly, they charged Unkgar Plutt with getting her there (he didn't). Luke, believing both wife and child dead, left the map with Lor when he went into exile (like Yoda) and Lor also thought Rey was dead, having never heard anything other than Luke's version of events. Imagine the moment when father and daughter realize who they are..."You're about the same age my..." will Luke try to deny it, even to himself? Will this send Rey to the edge of her dark side? After all the time she waited faithfully? Keep those power converters coming!

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