Tosche Station Radio #135: You Sunk My Battlefront


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This week on Tosche Station Radio, Tom from Del Rey joins us to discuss Battlefront!

Kicking off the show the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog.  Rounding up the last few episodes of Rebels, Brian reviewed Brothers of the Broken Horn, Nanci reviewed Wings of the Master, and Bria reviewed Blood Sisters. Bria also told us why Katooni should be in RebelsWe’ve got a bunch of comic reviews, as per usual. Bria reviewed Chewbacca #3, Darth Vader #12, Star Wars #12, Kanan #8, and the first issue of Vader Down #1Saf was at PAX Australia, and she interviewed Hollow Night’s William Pellen.  Matthew previewed the 2016 LEGO Star Wars sets.

Fixer’s Flash covers the latest geek things we’ve been up to. Nanci is still neck-deep in NaNoWriMo. Brian’s been playing Fallout 4 and Battlefront. Tom? Battlefront and Halo.

From there we discuss the latest news in Deak’s Dirt, we say goodbye to  Star Wars Weekends. . In Biggs’ Bull#&@*, we talk the four new TFA TV spots and the EW cover story.

This week on Camie’s Concerns, Tom and Brian give their impressions of DICE’s Star Wars: Battlefront.

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