Tosche Station Radio #131: NYCC 2015 Recap


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Brian’s out sick but Bria joins the show this week to break down the happenings at NYCC 2015!

Kicking off the show the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog. Matthew wrote about the 2016 Lego sets. We had an interview with Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly. There was a Go/No-Go for Servants of the Empire. Coming soon: new staff writer Saf.

Fixer’s Flash covers the latest geek things Nanci and Bria have been up to.

From there we discuss the latest news in Deak’s DirtNYCC gave us an announcement of new novels and short stories! We’ll be talking about them later. Who is voicing the Fifth Brother? It’s Philip Anthony-Rodriguez! Next up is Biggs’ Bull$@!* to discuss the latest rumors and film news.

This week on Camie’s Concerns, we take a look back at New York Comic Con 2015 and break down the latest Rebels and Star Wars literature news to come from the convention!

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11 thoughts on “Tosche Station Radio #131: NYCC 2015 Recap

  1. I am excited for Twilight Company because we don't get many "in the trenches" books, and non-Jedi books are always awesome. I'm hoping it has an X-Wing book feel to it.

  2. I think I'm most looking forward to getting a ground level POV of the Rebellion. We've started to see that in the post-ROTJ era with Shattered Empire and Aftermath, but I really want to know what was happening during the OT for folks other than the movies' main characters.

  3. So, I feel bad for never leaving a comment before. I guess I need incentives to let you guys know that I enjoy listening to your podcast; I rarely come to the site for these posts since I have your podcast feed set up on Stitcher!

    After I heard the name Alexander Freed associated with Twilight Company (I think it was during the Celebration feed when it was still untitled?), my ears perked up immediately. The first (and best by far!) character I created in SWToR was a female Chiss Imperial Agent. Halfway through the storyline, I looked up credits for the story, and that's when I was introduced to the name Alexander Freed for the first time. I have never been so obsessed with a character before in any MMO I've played, and I blame the awesome story. (For the record, she's got a black bob haircut, and she's only allowed to wear Dresden-style black leather dusters.) The way the tale wove in and out of the Imperial and Republic stories was great, and even though I don't play any more, I still think about how much fun I had in game as her. Yes, even the Killik stuff was great! You haven't lived until you fall in love with a Joiner!

    I'm pretty excited to read Twilight Company to see what the author can do in a full length story. The only short I've read of his was One Thousand Levels Down, and I thought it painted a pretty good picture of the varied Coruscant atmosphere.

    Thanks for the podcast guys, I appreciated hearing from the ladies. I hope Brian feels better soon! And I for one appreciated hearing that the Cubs won the NLDS. It reminded me to look up the info at work this morning and it made me sound informed when talking with a coworker. Especially as it relates to Back to the Future.

    Have a great week!

  4. I'm pretty excited for Twilight Company - the new canon's first dive into military sci-fi, a genre which I have little familiarity to be honest, but am excited to explore, especially since I expect it will echo the X-wing books that I'm reading for the first time on Rogue Podron.

    I am also anticipating an awesome cast of (NEW!) bandofbrothersesque characters that I will fall in love with immediately. And then, because this is Star Wars, my heart will eventually be broken. Because that's why we love Star Wars, right? Right?

  5. I'm excited for Twilight Company because we haven't gotten any really "hard" military sci-fi yet in the new canon and I'm excited for something different. And Alexander Freed wrote the class story for the Imperial Agent in SWTOR, which is my favorite one so I'm also pumped about that.

    (okay so technically I already have an advanced copy of the book from netgalley, I'm mainly just commenting in case you have an extra patch you'd like to send my way)

  6. I'm excited for the new Twilight Company novel for a few reasons:

    -I'm getting a little antsy for new Star Wars material in any respect. Grad school is a dark, bleak place and I need as much Star Wars as possible to serve as an escape measure for me.

    -I'm actually digging the "no-main three materials" for what they're worth. I like seeing the universe expand without getting bloated. I love seeing material that's tied to the movies from different angles. (Or, as far as I know, it doesn't feature the main three...)

    -I need some introductions to new genres! I don't think I've read any military fiction at all before, so this will be kind of a cool starter for me.

    -Someone said this before, but this looks like the resurrected X-Wing series and hopefully they can create new characters that are as good as Tycho (or even just bring him back) in a cool side storyline in the galaxy.

  7. I'm excited to read Twilight Company because I live in the DC area, and would be able to pick the book up from Bria at the place and time of her choosing (i.e. less work for her).

    Kidding (not really) aside, I'm looking forward to once again delving into the ground-pounding military side of Star Wars that I so loved in Karen Traviss' Republic Commando books. Aside from Thrawn, they're the only ones I've re-read multiple times. I'm hoping Freed gives us that.

  8. I'm excited for Twilight Company because other Star Wars folks (including Bria!) are excited by it. I was originally leaning towards giving it a pass because I have no interest in the video game. But I'm hearing that other folks think it's great so I now I really need to read it for myself!

  9. I'm excited for Twilight Company because I really love war and military fiction. I like action. I especially like war stories that highlight individuals and the effect the war has on them and their relationships. And i am terrible at video games, so I won't be playing the game, but this will give me insight into it.

    • Hi Jenna! Congrats, you've won the giveaway! Send your mailing address to bria (at) tosche-station (dot) net ASAP and I will send it out tomorrow. 🙂

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