Tosche Station Radio #13: Flame War

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Sometimes we as fans can afford to behave better. This week we delve into some behavior we can all learn how to prevent to be better stewards of our fandoms.

Starting off the show, Nanci and Brian highlight some new articles up at the official blog. Shane’s got a look at what Scoundrels could mean for the Expanded Universe moving forward. Brian posted his retrospective of Fate of the Jedi and looked back at a history of questionable Star Wars video games. Emily (newest writer and Shane’s better half) had an academic look at fan fiction. Be sure to also check out Nanci’s latest for EUCantina, her retro review of Survivor’s Quest.

Over in Fixer’s Flash, Nanci talks about the latest movie she caught in theaters: Wrath of the Titans. Verdict? Not that great. She’s also started reading Apocalypse, the last entry in the Fate of the Jedi series. Brian’s still wrapped up in the Marvel universe, but managed to take some time off to meet up with a longtime fandom friend. Some of the best people you’ll ever meet will come through fandom. Both of the hosts were featured on the Star Wars Book Report podcast.*

*We’re so sorry for all the tangents. So. So sorry.

Deak’s Dirt covers a lot of ground this week. Gary Ross out as the director of Catching Fire? J.K. Rowling’s upcoming adult novel gets a name and she’s working on a Potter encyclopedia. Anthony Daniels confirmed a sequel to the Padawan Menace is forthcoming. Over at C2E2, Dark Horse announced a new OT-era project is in the works written by one of Dark Horse’s biggest talents. Let the speculation begin! John Jackson Miller’s Lost Tribe of the Sith will be getting a new trade paperback format as well as brand new maps!

This week in Camie’s Concerns, the hosts talk about an io9 article entitled the 10 Ways Self-Hating Fans Make Genre Entertainment Worse. Now there’s an inflammatory title! Fandom is great, but sometimes we need to behave a little better than we do. The hosts delve into the article and discuss why it’s important to avoid these kinds of actions.

Wormie’s Works features a pair of light, fun Star Wars alternate universe fics and an excellent multi-fandom cosplayer.

Nanci’s pick for fanwork of the week: Wake Up, Little Padawan and Padawannabe With Me by RebelMom (Fics are hosted at TFN, we’ll give you the links as soon as they’re back online)

Brian’s pick for fanwork of the week: Hexterah’s cosplay

Before the show wraps up, Brian and Nanci field some questions from listeners and introduce the Trope of the Week: Red Shirts.

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One thought on “Tosche Station Radio #13: Flame War

  1. As a Twilight and Star Wars fan, I appreciate your open-mindedness (actually, I was all prepared to linkspam you with the intelligent, articular Twilight fans who are tired of getting derided, but then you fixed it 🙂

    I want to see Wrath of the Titans because, as a huge Jane Austen book/movie fan, I am always interested to see Rosamund Pike (from Pride and Prejudice 2005) in new roles.

    Finally - did Brian ever finish Mass Effect 3? Or Spider-Man: One More Day? Am curious to know his reactions (especially since I gather he's on Cap's side of Civil War, while I tend to be on Tony and Maria's - wow, that made it sound a lot like West Side Story...)

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