Tosche Station Radio #10: It’s a Trope!

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Things get meta this week on Tosche Station Radio as Brian and Nanci dive into some of the great literary devices and themes that define Star Wars.

First up on Fixer’s Flash, Nanci plugs a Clone Wars season four roundtable she participated on over at Club Jade. She also got a glimpse at the upcoming Essential Guide to Warfare, which made Brian very jealous. Brian, on the other hand, is back into reading Marvel’s Civil War comics and is waiting for things to go horribly, horribly wrong with all of the characters he has grown fond of. He also admits he’s a sucker for musicals. Both the hosts briefly discuss some fanfiction projects that they’re in the process of wrapping up.

Deak’s Dirt is very much a multi-fandom affair this week. First on the docket is news of Timothy Zahn’s upcoming Han Solo novel finally getting a name: Scoundrels. If you heard a loud noise from the direction of Seattle over the weekend, it’s because Avatar: The Legend of Korra hit the web early with a pair of episodes. Brian’s particularly excited about the lead character, thinking she might be emerging on the entertainment scene at just the perfect time. Last, but certainly not least, The Hunger Games debuted over the weekend to the tune of $152 million, the third biggest opening weekend release of all time and the biggest gross for a non-sequel film. Take that, Twilight.

This week’s discussion topic on Camie’s Concerns revolves around one of Brian’s favorite websites in the entire universe, TV Tropes. What are tropes you might ask? They’re familiar devices and conventions we all see in the fiction and entertainment we enjoy. Nanci and Brian attack five notable tropes that have appeared in Star Wars and discuss some other fandoms these familiar and enjoyable themes have appeared in:

Finally in Wormie’s Works, Nanci highlights some wonderful fan music and Brian links us to a brief but brilliant Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic.

Nanci’s Pick for Fanwork of the Week: Alex Carpenter’s Hunger Games CD, available on iTunes, Bandcamp, and YouTube

Brian’s Pick for Fanwork of the Week: Collapse by MiraxCorran

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  1. You guys missed one of the biggest Ascended Extras in TV. While you did well with Frasier Crane, you missed Carol Hathaway who was supposed to die in the premiere of ER and instead became a series regular and star of the show.

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