Tosche Station on Location: Blogging/Podcasting/Fanfiction


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From Saturday evening, it’s the Podcasting/Blogging/Fanfiction Star Wars panel at Dragon Con. We discussed why we do what we do and how people can get into the blogosphere and fan fiction world. Panelists include:

  • Brian Young
  • Anne Davenport
  • Brian Larsen
  • Nanci Schwartz
  • Riley Blanton
  • Bethany Blanton
  • Amy Ratcliffe
  • Aaron Goins

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3 thoughts on “Tosche Station on Location: Blogging/Podcasting/Fanfiction

  1. Great panel. I really learned a lot, especially as I prepare to begin my fanfiction-writing career. However, I must disagree with your advice on the last question. I am going to post under a pseudonym because I like my privacy. I want to chose who I tell about my online accomplishments. I am not in any way ashamed of being a SW fan, or a fan of the other fandoms I follow. I simply want more control over my identity. I am a very private person. If you want to post under your own name, that's your business. But I will keep both my commenting pseudonym, and my fanfiction handle.

    • I don't begrudge anyone that does post under a pseudonym, but for me personally I much prefer to post under my actual name. Blogging is a little different than fanfiction in that people actually come here looking for information, thoughts, and analysis that can be readily transmitted to others. Because what I say here on this platform has a fair amount of eyeballs on it, using my actual name is sort of a responsibility check for me.

      Again, though, this is just my personal philosophy. Ask me three years ago and I would have had a different answer.

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