ThrawnCast Episode 0: Introductions For All



Welcome to ThrawnCast, the newest show on the Tosche Station Radio network! Join Nanci, Brian, Matthew, Amanda, and Tyler on a legendary adventure as they read through Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy. Our prologue episode breaks down the goals for the podcast, introduces the hosts, and delves into some Star Wars Expanded Universe history.

The show will return in two weeks with Episode 1.1, covering Chapters 1-4 of Heir to the Empire.

ThrawnCast is a part of the Tosche Station Radio network. For more podcasts and shows, be sure to subscribe to the Tosche Station Mega Podcast Feed in the iTunes music store or Google Play! Stay tuned for dedicated ThrawnCast feeds.

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4 thoughts on “ThrawnCast Episode 0: Introductions For All

  1. Cool, looking forward to it!
    Did you know that the Thrawn Trilogy exists as an audio drama in Germany? It has an extremely high production value with the original music, sound effects and (German) voices from the movies. Just awesome! We Star Wars fans in Germany feel very sorry for the rest of the world, unless you understand German.

    here is a sample of Thrawn and Pellaeon talking:

    (by the way TFA is definitely not better than 4, 5, 6. It is in some regards even worse than the prequels...)

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