The Last Jedi cast gets silly

In the lead up to The Last Jedi, much of the world is interested in what the actors have to say about the movie and the characters they play. I, on the other hand, would rather watch these videos all day long. (No spoilers in any of them, FYI. And yes, I might be posting them all here so I have them in one place and can watch them over and over again.) While you go crazy waiting for VIII, please enjoy the cast being silly.

First, the cast tackles Autocomplete Interviews from Wired.

Then, Buzzfeed challenges them to take the “Which Star Wars Character Are You” quiz?

Teen Vogue turns up the charm with a Compliment Battle.

Vanity Fair is a little meaner, and pits John Boyega and Gwendoline Christie against the Fear Box.

Finally, Buzzfeed gives us everything we’ve ever wanted in life: John Boyega and Oscar Isaac reading Thirst Tweets.



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