The Force Awakens Trailer: Our Reactions

The first (and last) full-length Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer was released last night. WE’RE STILL REALLY SUPER PUMPED AND ARE HAVING A HARD TIME FORMING COHERENT SENTENCES BUT WE WILL TRY NOW.

Brian: But. How. Who? Why?

Okay, off the bat it’s pretty clear this is Rey’s film and she’s the lead. That makes me happy for so many reasons. I really need to know, though, how out of order the scenes in this trailer are. I’ve got my theories on why Leia’s so upset at the end, but it’s going to be dependent on what happens in Shattered Empire #4 and what order these scenes are ultimately in when the film finally comes out.

This was a masterclass in constructing a trailer. We get some things answered, but ultimately are left with even more questions than we had before. I’m in. I’m all in. Just put me in a coma and wake up up on December 17th.

Nanci: “There are stories about what happened.” “It’s true. All of it. The dark side. The Jedi. They’re real.” I JUST. I CANNOT EVEN. HAN SOLO, GALACTIC CYNIC, IS TEACHING THE NEXT GENERATION ABOUT THE FORCE.  *hyperventilates*

I love that we still have so many questions. It gave us lots of cool shots (X-WINGS! TIE FIGHTERS! OMG), but we still have no idea what’s going on, when things will happen in the movie, etc. etc. Why is Kylo Ren torturing Poe Dameron? Why do Rey and Finn know nothing about the Jedi and the Force? Why are Rey and Leia crying? HAN AND LEIA ARE HUGGING. I DON’T EVEN SHIP IT BUT I SHIP IT.

And of course, the big question is still, “Where’s Luke?” Cue my secret ninja Jedi theory….

Bria: I didn’t cry or scream.  I just sorta… squeaked and curled up into a little ball.  This trailer made me so happy.  I don’t care that we don’t know anything about the plot or anything super definitive about the characters. I care about this movie.  Right now, Rey is the one that I want to know everything about. You know… she who climbs around in crashed Star Destroyers.  Between “I’m nobody” and the Han/Leia theme playing while Rey’s standing on a ship talking to Han, I’m more intrigued by her than I have been in ages.  And Finn not having anything left to fight for! And poor Poe being tortured by Kylo!  And that Han/Leia moment! And how the Jedi seem to be a legend! And the space battles and x-wings!  AND OH GOD NO WHY IS REY CRYING AND WHY IS LEIA CRYING?!?

Star Wars? You have me. After this trailer, I’m good. I don’t need to see or know anything else until December 17th. Do I have burning questions left? Absolutely. Do I want them answered? Not until we see the movie. Which should be right now. I don’t want to analyze every last frame of the trailer. I just want to experience this galaxy.

Shoshana: Okay, let’s see if I can make this more coherent/less capslock-y than my first draft: REY. I want to know everything about Rey. I am so psyched about the start of the trailer being all Rey. It is so, so good. What’s that that she’s exploring at the start? Could it be…the Star Destroyer husk? Maybe? And Finn. Gosh, it seems like he really was a full-fledged New Order stormtrooper there, huh? I want to know how he got to where he is. And everything about him, also. And WHY DOES KYLO HAVE A COOL VOICE?? It’s not fair. Ugh, I might have to get his action figure after all. Jerk. And POE, NO, WHAT IS THAT MEANIE DOING TO YOU?? NANCI AND BRIAN WILL BE SO SAD. And the music. The music is making me tear up. Excuse me as I sob for a moment or three.

So, it really seems like the Force/Jedi aren’t super well known at this point. I wonder what common knowledge about Luke is? And what the state of the Jedi Order is? And what absolutely everything to do with this movie is? And I just really want to watch this movie now, okay? I love Star Wars SO MUCH.

Matthew: There’s a new Star Wars movie coming out?

Emily: EPIC SQUEALS IN WHICH I TRY DESPERATELY NOT TO WAKE THE BABY.  Reactions follow in no particular order: I want all the Rey stuff right now.  Who is she?  Why is she so important? What is she up to?  How did she get BB-8?  Does she like blue milk?  I want to know EVERYTHING.  And Poe, my poor baby, I will beat up Kylo Ren for you, but I think Finn might do it for me.  And good God, is Oscar Isaac good looking.

Leia getting the hug – fantastic.  Han telling Rey that it’s all real?  I’m now running in circles wondering how the Empire spun the destruction of the second Death Star.  Kylo Ren looking at Vader’s helmet?  Is there a connection?   I see R2-D2, where is C-3PO?  The scenery looks beautiful, and I’ve loved the cinematography since the first teaser where you follow the Falcon through a loop.

At this very moment, December cannot come soon enough.

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