TFN’s Jedi Council Forum Lifts LGBTQ+ Restrictions

Yesterday morning, first word came that the TFN forums were in the process of making a big change: finally ditching the ban on same sex relationships. Initially, there was concern that this change would only apply to original characters and not established characters. Later in the day, however, these concerns were put to rest thanks to one of the moderators in their communication forum.

I can now announce that MS has decided that the lifting of the same-sex romance ban applies to canon and EU characters as well as original characters — it’s a full lift, in line with the existing PG-13 rules about opposite sex romances. I’m sure we’ll have something official-ish soon, but we thought you all should know ASAP so there’s no uncertainty that this is a full lifting of the ban.

For better or worse and despite all odds (considering the competition from the likes of AO3 and, the TFN fan fiction forums continues to really be the hub for written fanwork in the Star Wars community.

It’s rather easy to be cynical about this and say that they’ve finally stepped into the year 2003, but you know what? I’m just not going to listen to that cynicism. One of the biggest touchpoints and indisputably the biggest written fanwork touchpoint has changed their rules to create a much more inclusive environment for fans.

On my Twitter timeline last night were folks who had left TFN ages ago or had never even bothered to join because of these rules. Those folks are now looking to to back or join for the first time. They feel welcome there.

Speaking for myself, I know I feel the same way. I may just start posting there with some frequency again.