This Is Madness: Vote For the Original Rogue Leader

lukeskywalkerpilotListen up, folks. Wes Janson here. Our illustrious leader Wedge Antilles may have suffered defeat by a sassy astromech droid, but the competition isn’t over yet. Today Luke Skywalker, the co-founder of Rogue Squadron, and the first man to hold the title of Rogue Leader, is up against that lying old wizard hermit, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You know, the man who hid in a desert for 20 years while the galaxy went to pot, lied and kept important information to himself (like the Princess being Luke’s sister, which could have helped them avoid a lot of awkward situations), and then encouraged our pal Luke to commit patricide. All the while Luke, humble farmboy as he is, believed in the power of the Light Side and encouraged Darth Vader to throw off his shackles and destroy the Emperor on the Second Death Star.

Luke is the new hope that the galaxy both needed and wanted! What did Obi-Wan do? Completely botch Anakin Skywalker’s training.

So if you want a liar to win this tournament, go ahead and vote Kenobi. If you want an honest, hard-working pilot and Jedi, who always believes in the good in people, vote Skywalker!

A vote for Luke is a vote for hope.

Thank you, and May the Force Be With You.

This Is Madness: Vote For the War Hero

Listen folks. It’s The Illustrious Wedge Antilles (man who sacked Coruscant) going up against an archaic astromech droid that has a hard time listening to simple directions. You can vote for a genuine war hero and underrated diplomat, or you can vote for a pile of circuitboards.

In the Imperial bracket, we’re advising you vote for Admiral Piett over Grand Moff Tarkin. One of these men was an incompetent strategist who couldn’t see how badly his own plans would backfire. The other was the Commanding Officer of the Executor.

This is Madness: Wes Janson wants you to vote #TeamWedge

I’m Wes Janson, and I want you to vote Wedge Antilles.

As official spokesperson of #TeamWedge, it’s my solemn duty to campaign for the stalwart commanding officer of Rogue Squadron. Now, Wedge is a pretty humble guy. He’d never campaign for himself (unlike some other folks) and would rather let his actions speak for themself.

I, however, have no qualms about bragging on Wedge’s behalf.

Look at this soldier.

He’s the picture of calm. When everyone’s freaking out over Endor, Wedge is sitting back in his X-Wing and says “Yeah, I got this.”

Did I mention that was the second Death Star that Wedge went up against? That’s right, Vote Wedge Antilles, because Death Stars are no match for him.

Need to sack Coruscant? Vote Wedge Antilles. Need to hunt down an Imperial warlord while disguised as a pirate (That’s right, Wedge is both a Rebel hero AND a pirate)? Vote Wedge Antilles. Need Corellia’s most eligible bachelor three years running? Vote Wedge Antilles.

Now, we’ve got nothing against Hondo, but there’s no getting around his choices are suspect. Vote for a protocol droid instead of gazillion time combat ace Wedge Antilles? That’s just crazy talk.

Vote Wedge Antilles, because he makes Death Stars go supernova. But if you don’t believe me, maybe you’ll listen to this guy…

As for the rest of your play-in votes…

You’re going to want to go Ahsoka Tano over the other Jedi. She stood up to the entire Jedi Council and resigned to do what was right. Wedge Antilles has done that a time or two. Besides, I heard that Mace Windu guy was kind of a jerk.

In the Imperial play-in round, there’s really no good choices because who wants to vote for those bucketheads? But if you have to, go with Admiral Piett, because nothing says Imperial leadership like assuming command by default.

Finally in the bounty hunter play-in, go with Dengar, because headgear is cool.