Review: Storms of Crait

Without a doubt, Crait was one of the most visually striking things within The Last Jedi. Fields of salt covering red crystals? Yep, I’m on board. When the movie revealed that The Last Jedi was an old Rebel Alliance base, I was excited for this comic to learn more about it. After reading it… Still intrigued even if it wasn’t exactly what I expected.

Learning not to cling to expectations is something that The Last Jedi taught us but that I’m still struggling to truly learn. I expected to see the Rebel Alliance hang around Crait for a while and I also expected to see Amilyn Holdo pop up. Neither of those things happened but that didn’t stop this from being a fun ride.

It’s still sorta Christmas so I’m going to bullet point this thing:

  • WEDGE FREAKING ANTILLES. There hasn’t been enough of Wedge in the new canon and it’s awesome getting to see Acker and Blacker bring him a little more to the forefront.
  • Leia and Luke don’t forget their families/upbringings. Leia’s very aware of what she learned from Bail and if you think you can make the farmboy forget the moisture farm just by taking him off planet…
  • Scar Squadron: Not actually all that great
  • Leia’s Outfit: Actually pretty great
  • 100% here for Mayhew drawing the men of the Rebellion with ripped shirts and jackets.

Is Storms of Crait the most ground-breaking Star Wars story ever? Nah. Is it an effective one-shot that gives you a fun The Last Jedi tie in while also being easily accessible for new comic readers? Absolutely.

Star Wars: Storms of Crait: Ben Acker & Ben Blacker/Writers, Mike Mayhew/Artist, Clayton Cowles/Letterer, Jordan D. White/Editor, Heather Antos/Assistant Editor