Rebels Review: Steps Into Shadow

rebels logoStar Wars Rebels is back and so are we with our reviews!  Premieres are always a special occasion and since we couldn’t do our usual live chat transcript, (hey, you got an in person podcast instead!) we’re going around the virtual table to see what everyone thought about the episode!

Bria: I really enjoyed the episode!  It didn’t have the same punch as Siege of Lothal or Twilight of the Apprentice but I thought it was a good way to start things out.  The careful use of Thrawn was a good way to introduce the character (I flailed a lot) and also a good way to tease him as being the new Big Bad for the season.  Kanan’s now started on his path towards mentally healing from his injuries and Ezra’s definitely sliding further and further towards the dark side even if his holocron is gone.  (I, for one, welcome the arrival of Darth Blueberry.)  Also I am 100% here for 300% Over This Crap Sabine Wren.  Someone put that girl in charge!  Overall, a really solid start to the season and I’m looking forward to see what happens in this wider galaxy and, obviously, what Grand Admiral Thrawn gets up to.

Matthew: I liked it! It was nice to see Ezra finally taken down a peg, and to not be an infallible Jedi genius for once. Kanan recovering from his wounds was nice to see as well — though I hope they continue to explore that throughout the season. Rebels has an unfortunate tendency to wrap up what should be a season-long character arc in the span of a single episode, and I hope that’s not the case here. Thrawn I’m mixed on; I think his appearance, bearing, and voice are spot-on, but there’s a reference to his last operation involving huge numbers of civilian casualties, which seems … messy. And if Thrawn is one thing, it’s precise. We’ll just have to wait and see how that plays out; otherwise, it was as if he’d walked out of the pages of Zahn’s books and onto the screen.

Oh, and I like Sabine’s new hair. Here’s hoping she gets more to do this season than she did in season two …

Brian: I think it’s easy to be bummed out that this episode didn’t have the sheer holy crap factor of the season two premiere, but that’s definitely by design and a good choice to kick off this season. From all of the discussion provided by Filoni and company, season three feels like it’s kind of a soft reboot for the series. A jump forward in time brings with it a new focus: the military might of the Empire and Rebellion. I think this episode did a great job setting the table and introducing the threads that are going to carry through the next 22 episodes. 

Now as for the details of the episode? I enjoyed it a bunch. Sabine was the under-the-radar hero, Tom Baker’s voice work was incredible, and Thrawn and Pryce. THRAWN AND PRYCE. I mean I’m pumped for Thrawn but I am so, so here for HBIC Governor Pryce. Ezra actually suffering some consequences for being impulsive was nice to see. Overall, I’m pleased with the episode, and I’m thrilled it’s setting up a season I’ve been hoping to get from the beginning. 

Nanci: THRAWN. Okay, now that I’ve got that out of my system I’ll talk about the actual episode. I liked it! I am really excited to see the larger Rebellion as the series moves closer to the A New Hope time frame. The reference to “General Dodonna’s fleet” made me flail super hard. I wouldn’t mind seeing some familiar pilots fly with that group! I also like the implication that the Ghost crew don’t know they’re part of a larger Rebellion. Thrawn being brought in because he sees the “bigger picture” fits his character perfectly, and it makes sense that he let the Ghost get away in order to set a trap for the larger Rebellion. I can’t wait to see how that unfolds over the season. Also, please give us more lady Imperials like Governor Pryce! Also more female rebel pilots and soldiers. Kthnx.