EU Retrospective: Rogue Squadron

I’ve finally reached the first batch of X-Wing books and there was much rejoicing!  Obviously we here at Tosche Station are very pro-X-Wing books and I always enjoy getting to read them again.  So sit back and enjoy me gushing about the first four books focused on the flyboys and flygirls of Rogue Squadron as they do the impossible which is absolutely what they do best.

Rogue Squadron
I love these books.  I really do.  But WOW IS CORRAN HORN AN ARROGANT PAIN IN THE BUTT in this book.  I do like him as a character especially with some of the character development he’s gotten over the years but he is infuriating to read about in this book.  The arrogance and the monologing do get a bit old after awhile.  At least I know he gets better.  Corran will always have some of that arrogance because that’s just who he is and I appreciate that but it’s at an all time high here.

I do enjoy reading this book though because it’s a solid read that offers both a good story and some great characters.  It simultaneously tells the story of the squadron’s reassembly and also sets up the overarching plot for the next three books.

With the exception of certain arrogant Corellian and a certain Bacta Queen-who-was-clearly-a-traitor-the-whole-time-in-retrospect, the characters are rather enjoyable!  (Okay, maybe I was a little harsh grouping Corran with Erisi there.  That was mean, I’m sorry, Corran.)  I always love getting a chance to look into Wedge Antilles’s head and Stackpole does such a good job of it.  I also enjoyed getting to meet such great characters like Tycho Celchu, Mirax Terrik, and Gavin Darklighter.  Poor Tycho though.  Like his backstory wasn’t already tragic enough without adding in the ‘he might be a traitor’ thing.  At least Mirax gets to balance it out by being sassy.

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Rogue Squadron Product from Her Universe Incoming?

Working with a staff that’s predominantly female has taught me a few things. One, Her Universe products are amazing. Two, Her Universe should totally get a Rogue Squadron shirt in their lineup. Weeelllll about point two …

If you click on that Instagram link in the embedded tweet above, you’ll see that it appears to be ‘Rogue Squadron’ stenciled over what appears to be a Rebel flak vest.


Want to see this product become reality? Let Ashley know!

New Her Universe Gear Coming on Cyber Monday

Need to do some holiday shopping for the women in your life, or just looking to buff up your  own geeky wardrobe? Luckily for you, Her Universe is here to save the day! Yesterday the company previewed their new holiday items, which include two Doctor Who tees, a Star Wars v-neck shirt (the same style shirt as the Mara Jade exclusive from Celebration, which fits so very well), a Star Trek tee, a Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt, and last but not least, Darth Vader pajamas designed by Katie Cook!

How cute are they?? Katie did an awesome job.

You can purchase all of these items starting Cyber Monday (November 26). Even better, there are two exclusives for orders placed on that day only: every order will receive a free Chewbacca holiday pin, and all orders within the United States are eligible for free ground shipping.

And in news very relevant to readers of this blog, Ashley Eckstein teased on Twitter that Her Universe is in the process of designing a Rogue Squadron dress and tank top! No word yet on when we might see those released, but you can be sure I’ll be first in line to get them.

You can see all of Her Universe’s new holiday items here.

Rogue and Wraith Squadron Fanfic-A-Thon

There hasn’t been an X-Wing novel in thirteen years.

That’s an awful long time for fans of the Rogues and Wraiths who have been wondering what shenanigans they’ve been getting up to while the Jedi have been dealing with the weekly galactic apocalypse of certain doom and terror. While, thankfully, we’re finally getting a new book this August, there’s another way fans have managed to fill the void over the last decade and change: fanfiction.

Over at the Rogue and Wraith Livejournal comm, members have put together a starfighter jockey-themed fanfiction marathon. If you’d like to read some great stories about Wedge, Tycho, Wes, Hobbie, the Rogues, and the Wraiths, head on over and read the entries.