Tosche Station Ranks the SWEU

A few weeks ago, Cooper from Eleven-ThirtyEight got most of Star Wars Twitter to rank their favorite new canon novels. Then people started creating their own lists, because why not? I love lists, so I couldn’t help but be drawn into the fun. Then I asked some of the other staff writers from Tosche Station to rank their SWEU favorites.

So here you are, without further ado or explanation: a ranking of our Top 5 Favorite Legends Novels, Legends Characters, Canon Novels, Canon Literature Characters, Canon Film/TV Characters, and Bit Film Characters Who Get Fleshed Out in Legends.

To the cut!

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“It’s Like Asking Me to Pick My Favorite Child”

Star_Wars_logoEver ask a Star Wars fan to rank their favorite Star Wars movies? If you have, you’ve probably gotten a variation of the above response. And then you’ve probably tried to rank them yourself and kept changing your answer depending on your mood, or because you just saw one of the movies on TV, or read a certain book, or whatever.

Star Wars Celebration is next week and we’re all pumped and ready to go and frankly out of brain space for intelligent column ideas. Not to mention the entire six movies were just released digitally for the first time ever. So I thought it would be a great idea to do the impossible and rank our favorite Star Wars movies! And not just rank them, but explain the rankings, too.

Okay, maybe this won’t be as brainless as I thought…

Mental hand-wringing under the cut! (Soon to be made null and void with the release of The Force Awakens.)

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