We need to talk about Padmé Amidala

aotc-senate padmeWe need to talk about Padmé Amidala. More specifically, we have to talk about the raw deal that Padmé gets. No not the one that she got in Revenge of the Sith with her entire political plotline being cut from the film and her less than ideal death. No, I’m referring to the tendency of people (fandom and otherwise) to write Padmé off simply because she was either in the Prequels or doesn’t fit their model of a Strong Female Character because it’s really getting to be a problem.

Prequel dismissiveness aside, I’ve seen a pretty disturbing trend lately of writers leaving Padmé off their lists of prominent women within the Star Wars universe. Usually, that list includes Leia, Rey, Jyn, Ahsoka, and sometimes Sabine and Hera from Star Wars Rebels. It’s a list that doesn’t include Padmé despite her being strong enough to lead the battle to retake her planet, often going headfirst into danger when she’s trying to do the right thing, and having some of the strongest convictions of any Star Wars characters. She is also undoubtedly the prominent female character from three films.

When people talk about Padmé, they often do so dismissively whether it be because of the Prequels or because of her death or because of her fantastic fashion sense or because she’s not the flashy Hero of the story or because they simply don’t like her. That’s not okay. Say what you will about the Prequels but give Padmé the respect that she deserves and don’t omit her from a list of prominent Star Wars women just because you have an axe to grind. (And Padmé certainly can fight, by the way. She’s one of the best shots in the films but that shouldn’t matter.) Continue reading

“It’s Like Asking Me to Pick My Favorite Child”

Star_Wars_logoEver ask a Star Wars fan to rank their favorite Star Wars movies? If you have, you’ve probably gotten a variation of the above response. And then you’ve probably tried to rank them yourself and kept changing your answer depending on your mood, or because you just saw one of the movies on TV, or read a certain book, or whatever.

Star Wars Celebration is next week and we’re all pumped and ready to go and frankly out of brain space for intelligent column ideas. Not to mention the entire six movies were just released digitally for the first time ever. So I thought it would be a great idea to do the impossible and rank our favorite Star Wars movies! And not just rank them, but explain the rankings, too.

Okay, maybe this won’t be as brainless as I thought…

Mental hand-wringing under the cut! (Soon to be made null and void with the release of The Force Awakens.)

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Storyboards reveal an older Prequel Trilogy era Anakin

Over at io9 is a look inside Star Wars Storyboards: The Prequel Trilogy by J.W. Rinzler. For the most part, what’s presented in the storyboards are the films we ultimately saw. But there were a few interesting differences. Take, for example, young Anakin:

Other altered characters include young Anakin. Instead of a little kid who runs around bleating “yippeeeee” the storyboard version was a bit more charismatic. Here he is sneaking a kiss from Padme. Iain McCaig explained that he modeled young Anakin after James Robinson, the little William Wallace in Braveheart. Alas, they couldn’t cast him as he was too tall by production, and who knows if George Lucas would even want him. Either way, it’s kind of nice to get a glimpse of an older Anakin.

There’s a whole bunch of interested images over at the link above, so be sure to check it out. If the storyboards strike you, also consider picking up a copy of the book.

(Via Jedi News)