Star Wars Rebels review: Path of the Jedi

rebels logoNote: I wrote this post while I was watching the episode, so it’s more of a live blog than a proper review. Hope you enjoy anyway!

We start out the episode with Ezra being late for training with Kanan. When he gets back, Kanan reads him the riot act and calls him unfocused and undisciplined. (Like you aren’t, Kanan.) I’m torn between feeling sorry for Ezra always getting dumped on, wondering what the hell Ezra was doing wandering around Lothal by himself when they’re wanted by the Empire, (more on this later), and being annoyed at Ezra. Kanan tells Ezra he made a dangerous connection with¬†the Force in that asteroid field (yay continuity!) and he needs to undergo¬†a test that could determine if he’s meant to be a Jedi. First of all, Kanan, weren’t you the one who encouraged him to make that Force connection? Second, way to put the pressure on.

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