Jaegers In Star Wars

We’re a sucker around here for not only a good crossover but also for Pacific Rim.  With the awesome kaiju versus jaeger film out this week on DVD, it seemed like a good idea to ask those of you on Twitter just who you all thought would be drift compatible if there were jaegers in the galaxy far far away.  (Before anyone asks, my contribution was a joke.)

And because some of you had locked Twitters… a few last entries via copy and pasted:

@[locked user 2] idk but the wraiths definitely have like five and are always altering the way they work and pissing everyone off
but kell and shalla would probably have one and they’d want to call it Facepunch Bam but command probably wouldn’t go for it so
it’d be like Restless Rager or something everyone could agree sounded violent but also someone dignified (which is no fun).

Have some of your own thoughts about what Star Wars characters duos (or trios!) would make a good Jaeger pilot team?  Let us know in the comments!

Go/No-Go: Pacific Rim


Welcome back to Go/No-Go, Tosche Station’s regular feature where we offer our spoiler-free opinion as to whether or not you should spend your hard-earned money on a book, film, or other entertainment. Today on the launch pad: Pacific Rim. A film that features giant monsters and giant robots. Will this be a surprise hit with the staff, or is it just another all-flash, no-substance shallow popcorn flick? To mission control for the ruling!

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Review: Pacific Rim

Pacific_Rim_FilmPosterIf you only see one film this summer, make sure it’s Pacific Rim.  It’s a rare film with a decently diverse cast that completely delivers with its high stakes mecha-alien battles while remaining fun all the while.  This is a film that’s not just about giant robot battles though: it’s about people.  I feel comfortable saying that Pacific Rim is the best film of the summer.

Mild Spoilers beneath the cut

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