Star Wars Writers Roundtable from NYCC

From New York Comic Con is the Star Wars Presents: A Writers Roundtable panel. The folks over at Penguin Random House were kind enough to record and upload the event for our enjoyment. Featured on the panel are Timothy Zahn (Heir to the Empire, Thrawn), Chuck Wendig (Aftermath, Life Debt), James Luceno (Tarkin, Catalyst), E.K. Johnston (Ahsoka), Charles Soule (Lando, Obi-Wan & Anakin, Poe Dameron) and Kieron Gillen (Star Wars: Darth Vader). It’s moderated by Lucasfilm’s Michael Siglain and Star Wars books editor Jennifer Heddle.

Tosche Station Radio #131: NYCC 2015 Recap


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Brian’s out sick but Bria joins the show this week to break down the happenings at NYCC 2015!

Kicking off the show the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog. Matthew wrote about the 2016 Lego sets. We had an interview with Anthony Breznican from Entertainment Weekly. There was a Go/No-Go for Servants of the Empire. Coming soon: new staff writer Saf.

Fixer’s Flash covers the latest geek things Nanci and Bria have been up to.

From there we discuss the latest news in Deak’s DirtNYCC gave us an announcement of new novels and short stories! We’ll be talking about them later. Who is voicing the Fifth Brother? It’s Philip Anthony-Rodriguez! Next up is Biggs’ Bull$@!* to discuss the latest rumors and film news.

This week on Camie’s Concerns, we take a look back at New York Comic Con 2015 and break down the latest Rebels and Star Wars literature news to come from the convention!

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Star Wars: Battle Pod Arcade Game Unveiled

star-wars-battle-podThe first Star Wars-related announcement has come in from the New York Comic Con festivities and it’s certainly not something we expected. Bandai Namco has unveiled Star Wars: Battle Pod, an arcade game in which the player sits in a simulated cockpit and pilots various kinds of vehicles on missions. From the official site:

The game includes five stages that recreate the fiercest battle scenes from the original Star Wars trilogy. Loaded with features and unique gameplay elements, players can experience the impact of the explosions and destruction that will leave them with a sense of actually piloting and taking part in action-packed scenes from the films. Enabling the player to be surrounded by gameplay images and experiences on the dome screen, players will truly take command of the vehicles that appear in the films such as X-wings, snowspeeders, speederbikes, the Millennium Falcon and TIE Advanced.

The game will be available to play at participating arcades in the United States starting January 2015, but fans in New York City have an opportunity to play it early:

Players experienced their first hands-on gameplay of Star Wars: Battle Pod this week in New York City at an announcement event at Marquee NY. The game will continue to be on display at Dave and Buster’s in the Times Square location through the New York Comic-Con.

Bandai Namco does not seem to have information about the game up on its site as of yet but will hopefully have some soon.

@BlueJaigEyes, of The Wookiee Gunner, took video of the game trailer shown at the unveiling, which includes footage of what we hope is the Death Star Trench Run:

She also livetweeted the event, including pictures of the interior of the machines. See some of her tweets after the jump. Continue reading

Star Wars: Rebels Weekend Roundup

New York Comic Con was this weekend and among the events was the first Star Wars: Rebels press panel of sorts. While we don’t have a release date or any animation from the show yet, new information and artwork was revealed. Most importantly, we learned that Rebels is set to take place fourteen years after Revenge of the Sith and not the eight years that was originally rumored.

Dave Filoni also checked in with a video and made it clear that a large number of The Clone Wars creative crew will be returning for Rebels.

He also introduced the series’ new villain tasked to hunt down the pockets of Jedi that survived Order 66, the Inquisitor.

Rebels Inquisitor


There was also a look at some concept artwork, such as this great look at the interior of a TIE Fighter.

One sight you may want to keep an eye on moving forward is That certainly is some pretty propaganda material.

Fore more details and artwork, be sure to head over to Club Jade to check out Dunc’s Storify compiling tweets from the event.

Dark Horse Exclusives For NYCC

SWTHE #1 NYCC VAR CVRHeaded out to New York Comic Con this month?  Keep an eye out for the Dark Horse booth and for their convention exclusives.  This year, one of the exclusives will be a special limited edition of The Star Wars #1.  The comic is the adaptation of George Lucas’s original screenplay which we’ve been reviewing.  There will be only 1000 copies of this special convention edition book sold at the con.  They will be sold for $5 a copy (which is a dollar above the usual cover price) and will be limited to two per person.

Read the entire press release for all of Dark Horse’s exclusives after the jump.

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Cosplay Monday: Marty McFly

This week, we’re headed back to the future to find a costume worthy of Cosplay Monday.  Check out this awesome Marty McFly costumer from New York Comic Con!  Not only does his costume look great but he definitely put some work into perfecting his poses.  Great work!

Should we be looking out of frame for Doc and the DeLorean…?

Photo by gluetree on Flickr

Cosplay Monday: Brave

In honor of Brave being released on DVD this week, we thought we’d bring you an appropriately themed edition of Cosplay Monday.  Check out this picture gluetree took at New York Comic Con of the royal Scottish family themselves.  They look great as King Fergus, Queen Elinor, and Merida!  Plus, it’s always wonderful to see groups like this especially when Merida’s been a popular costume this year.  It’s even more amazing when you can tell that they’re having tons of fun and that’s what costuming is really all about!

Expanded Universe News and Announcements from NYCC

The Expanded Universe books panel at New York Comic Con was held earlier today. Among the information dropped were tidbits about upcoming books as well as the reveal of two brand-new titles. Thanks to Aaron Goins for covering the event as well as the official Del Rey Star Wars crew for keeping those of us who couldn’t make it in the loop!

We haven’t heard much about the Kemp duology other than the fact that it will eventually exist. Now apparently we also know it will cause your brain matter to splatter onto the surrounding walls.

More news and announcement below the jump!

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