Tosche Station Radio #118: Scored


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Nancy and Sarah join the show this week to discuss the music of Star Wars!

Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight what’s New on the Blog. We had an anniversary, and Nanci blogged about the wedding. We started our new series, Legends Recs. Nanci proposed that if you like Rebels, you should read Wraith Squadron. It’s not on our blog, but Amy Ratcliffe did a bunch of write-ups about Star Wars Weekends and you should check them out. We also recapped Weekend 2. Finally, Why the Rebellion Leaders need to be in Rebels.

In Fixer’s Flash, Brian and Nanci have been busy with Star Wars Weekends, so check out our recaps!

Deak’s Dirt starts with news that TFN has ditched their restrictions on same sex relationships in fanfic. Gary Whitta is writing an episode of Rebels! Chuck Wendig was at Phoenix Comic Con this weekend, and he’ll also be at Dragon Con! Which is when Aftermath comes out. Speaking of books, Star Wars Reads Day is set for October 10! John Scalzi signs a monster $3.4 million, 10-year, 13-book contract with Tor

In Biggs’ Bull$#*&, there’s more Vanity Fair: This time we have interviews with Pablo Hidalgo and Kathleen Kennedy. Finally, we’ve learned that Andy Serkis IS Supreme Leader Snoke.

This week on Camie’s Concerns, our guests join us for a discussion of all things Star Wars music. We talk about ourfavorite themes, motifs, and everything in between!

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Jazz Pianist and Composer Dave Brubeck Passes Away at 91

Legendary jazz pianist and composer Dave Brubeck passed away today at 91. The above video is a live-recording of perhaps his greatest and most well-known tune, Take Five.

Here at Tosche Staiton, we bill ourselves as being home to all sorts of geeky discussion. I was a huge music geek growing up (and remain so to this day). His music was on regular rotation when I was in middle school and high school and was the reason I took up the saxophone and became a jazz musician.

Rest in peace, Mr. Brubeck. Soon as you get through those pearly gates, I hope Paul Desmond and Joe Morello track you down to jam.

Concord Blue Devils Play ‘Across the Stars’

This was my featured fanwork pick on the latest podcast, but I enjoyed this so much I’m just linking to it straight on the blog.

The Concord Blue Devils are part of Drum Corps International, a collection of the world’s top tier corps style marching bands. Yes, I was a band nerd, sue me. What’s cool about this recording? Take one of my all-time favorite film score pieces and have a group of 100 or so brass musicians play the ever-loving daylights out of it. The result is pin-your-ears-back music glory.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, music is one of those things I geek out over.