2016 Lego sets: sneak peek

Over the weekend, the good folks over at The Brick Fan posted some images of forthcoming Lego sets found on Lego’s servers. Close to a hundred images were posted, but of course we’re only interested in the eight Star Wars-related ones. Let’s have a look and get speculating, shall we?


Right away I’m not sure what to think. We’ve got a fairly detailed and intricate build of a speeder bike, the coloring of which suggests it’s meant to represent the bikes seen on Endor in Return of the Jedi. However, this one has a stud shooter on the back, along with what looks like room for a gunner to sit.

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REVIEW: LEGO set 75099 – Rey’s Speeder

Even though my LEGO preferences tend to lean more towards the larger, more complicated sets (the UCS Slave I is currently sitting just to my left), one of the “Force Friday” The Force Awakens sets I was most looking forward to was the relatively tiny Rey’s Speeder (75099). I liked the look of the vehicle from the two teasers we’ve seen so far, and the set itself looked like a solid, satisfying build — not huge or intricate, but well-designed and fun to put together, much like the Inquisitor’s TIE set (75082) from back in January. That wound up being an extremely satisfying build, despite its small size — does this new (even smaller) offering from LEGO follow suit? Read on to find out!

(Minor spoilers/speculation for The Force Awakens, I guess)

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LEGO builds full-sized X-Wing, staff writers suddenly overcome with envy

There are not proper words to describe the amount of WANT I am feeling right now. LEGO has gone and built a full-sized X-Wing.

If you’re in Manhattan right now, you can see it for yourself. The X-Wing is on tour as part of a promotion for the upcoming Yoda Chronicles on Cartoon Network. For more shots, head over to Jedi News who have gotten their hands on a bunch of detailed pictures!