Awesome Con 2014 Convention Report

ACDClogoAwesome Con 2014 lived up to its name with its second annual show and was indeed awesome!  Everything about this year’s convention made it feel like a convention that had been around for years instead of just a year.  The range of media, literary, and artist guests was incredibly impressive for a second year show.  Congratulations DC: I think we finally have a comic con.

Before we get into more about my positive experience with the convention, I did want to touch on a few things.  First, I have to offer my utmost respect to Ben Penrod and others involved with running Awesome Con for their willingness to stand up and admit that there were issues with lines and other aspects on the convention this year.  Not everyone would be as readily willing to admit that there were a few problems.  To be completely honest, if there hadn’t been growing pains for Awesome Con this year, I would’ve been absolutely shocked.  In its second year, Awesome Con went from 5000+ attendees to almost quadruple that.  That’s a huge leap.  There were bound to be problems.  So we’re going to go a bit into the feedback portion of the report before I dive into everything that helped make the convention so awesome.


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