EU Interview Roundup

Over at Club Jade, James conducted a video interview with Essential Guide to Warfare author Jason C. Fry.

To celebrate the release of Scourge, Roqoo Depot and EUCantina have interviews with Jeff Grubb. He also made an appearance last week on Star Wars Books’ official Facebook page to answer questions from fans. TFN has a lovely recap here. If the interviews have you curious, you can read a 50-page excerpt from the book over at Suvudu. Scourge hits bookshelves today.

Big Shiny Robot talks to Tom Taylor about his latest project, Boba Fett is Dead.

‘Star Wars Insider’ Short Story Updates

Who wants updates? You guys do! Or at least some of you do. There are lots of you. With many different tastes. I’m clearly stalling at this point so let’s just get into it. Star Wars Books released a list of upcoming shorts you can look forward to in future issues of Star Wars Insider.

-Issue #132 (on sale now) features Jason Fry’s short story “The Guns of Kelrodo-Ai” and stars the “Rebel Destroyer” Shea Hublin (with some beautiful art by John VanFleet!).

-Issue #133 will include the tale of Parella the Hutt, hunter extraordinaire, from Star Wars: Scourge author Jeff Grubb.

-Issue #134 is your first taste of post Fate of the Jedi action as author Christie Golden brings you a story starring Jaina and Jag.

-Issue #135 sees Karen Miller return to the SWEU with an exciting story starring Myri Antilles.

I’m definitely looking forward to issue #135. Myri Antilles as the lead of her own short? Yes, please.

If there’s a short you’d like to see, leave a comment on the announcement post.

Facebook Chat with ‘Scourge’ Author Jeff Grubb This Week

Another week, another Facebook chat with an Expanded Universe novel. This time, it’s Jeff Grubb to talk about his latest release: Scourge. 

We’re very pleased to announce that we will be hosting a chat with STAR WARS: SCOURGE author Jeff Grubb on our page this Thursday, April 19, at 4:00 EST. SCOURGE (on sale next Tuesday) is Jeff’s first STAR WARS novel and he’ll be answering all your questions about Hutts, Jedi, the galactic underworld, and what it’s like writing a galaxy far, far away for the first time. Please stop by and welcome Jeff to SWBooks

The chat will take place this Thursday on Star Wars Books’ official Facebook page. Once again, remember that this isn’t the place to ask about post-Fate of the Jedi plans or when Karen Traviss will come back to the EU (she won’t).

Via Star Wars Books