Review: C-3P0

It’s real! After months of delays, the one-shot C-3P0 comic book that was supposed to be a part of the Journey to The Force Awakens has finally hit comic stores shelves. So was this one-shot by James Robinson and Tony Harris worth the wait?

Consider me… whelmed.

I am not a fan of Tony Harris as a person (google it) but I have to say his art is definitely the highlight of this story. The credits indicate that he did the line art, inking, and colors and it definitely works really well together. It’s actually the best thing about this book. There’s a page at the start that’s mostly of Threepio that just really really works.

The story itself feels… superfluous. We already knew from reference books that Threepio wears the red arm to honor the sacrifice of another droid. That’s… basically the story. Right there. If you’re a fan of Threepio, you’ll like this story because it’s a heck of a lot of him talking like his usual self. The one bit that did stand out was when another droid gets a little more philosophical about what exactly being a droid is. There’s a super neat bit in which we find out that despite being memory wiped, traces and glimpses of those memories still survive. It’s something that I never considered before but find endlessly fascinating.

So is it worth the wait and your money? If you’re a completionist or a Threepio fan, sure. If you’re not… well, it’s not a bad issue. It’s most unfortunate that this issue didn’t come out when originally planned.