Tosche Station Radio’s Holiday Special


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Happy Life Day and Happy Holidays! From the Tosche Station Radio crew, we’re proud (and horrified) to present our live commentary track discussing the Star Wars Holiday Special. We’re joined by Alli of our sister podcast, Wrong Opinions About Movies.

While we’re not going to tell you where to get your hands on the Holiday Special, we trust you’re resourceful enough to track it down. We’re using the recording complete with commercials and we start 1 minute into the video file.

As a warning, you may want to listen to this with the volume turned down because there are points where we scream in terror over the holiday festivities.

Thanks for another great year supporting the blog and podcast. Join us next week on New Year’s Eve as we livestream a Star Wars and fandom 2013 retrospective with Alli and Katie from WOAM.

Trope Tuesday: You Mean Xmas

After a few weeks off, we’re back with another installment of Trope Tuesday, our weekly sojourn into TV Tropes and the lovely literary devices that make our favorite entertainment work. This week, we’re looking at a trope called You Mean Xmas:

Even if the Christmas Special is widely used, a few writers catch on that some stories take place in a setting where certain holidays and celebrations shouldn’t exist in the original sense. So the characters celebrate a holiday that’s (hopefully) just coincidentally similar enough to have the audience roll their eyes.

Despite the eye-rolling, this can be a Justified Trope if the world of the story has solstices and equinoxes like our own, which would be logical times of the year to have a celebration.

Naturally, these episodes are aired around the holiday they’re really trying to depict, and sometimes may receive a name change in order to comment on them without raising the ire of Media Watchdogs.

Two words, folks: Holiday Special.