New Darth Vader Jewelry from Her Universe

her universe darth vader necklaceToday Her Universe released a new Darth Vader jewelry collection, designed by Sparkle Factory, the designers of Her Universe’s R2-D2-themed “My Hero Collection” that was released earlier this year.

The Darth Vader collection features earrings, necklaces, a bracelet, and a ring, bearing either the likeness of Vader’s mask or the Imperial emblem. Each piece is made from black hematite and one necklace incorporates Swarovski crystals as well. You can read more about them here.

The pieces run from $40 to $85 USD and are available for purchase on Her Universe’s site.

Tosche Station Radio #87: Fording the Ramp


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Star Wars Weekends, conventions, and broken Harrison Ford appendages are on the docket for this all new Tosche Station Radio.

Kicking off the show, the hosts highlight What’s New on the Blog. Bria reviewed Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir #2, Legacy #16, and Rebel Heist #3. Emily reviewed Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6. Conventions 101 by Bria. We didn’t make this, but we loved it so much we had to talk about it: Guardians of a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

In Fixer’s Flash, the hosts kept busy with Star Wars Weekends and a healthy dose of Steve Blum and Mark Hamill. They also went and saw X-Men: Days of Future Past and found some time to culture themselves with Into the Woods. Of course, it’s World Cup Mania so soccer has gotten into the mix as well.

Deak’s Dirt starts with Her Universe debuting a new Marvel line and Transformers products. Congrats to the Star Wars Insider on celebrating 150 issues! Congrats are also in order to Club Jade, which celebrated its 10 year blogoversary this month. George Lucas museum is heading to Chicago. ABattlefront trailer shown at E3. Shuffling release dates: Heir to the Jedi coming on February 17, Lords of the Sith coming on April 21. Josh Trank to direct second standalone film. Rian Johnson to direct Episode VIII, pen a treatment for Episode IX.

In Biggs’ Bull$#!%, there are more rumors about plot. Most importantly, it’s the ongoing Saga of Harrison Ford’s Broken Appendage. First he broke his ankle. Lucasfilm confirmed and said shooting will continue while he recuperates. Then his publicist said he broke his leg and had surgery. Despite previous reports, the accident involved a door, not the Millennium Falcon ramp. Lucasfilm is still staying mum on the story. The latest rumor is that Ford’s recovery will take 6 months, shooting is being rescheduled, and the Episode VII release date will be moved. Lucasfilm has told TFN that there will be no delay, but rumors persist that Abrams and Kennedy want to move the release date to May 4, 2016, while Bob Iger says “no way”

Camie’s Concerns kicks off convention season with a look at three of the big ones coming up this summer. The hosts also take time to discuss Bria’s blog post offering convention advice for first-timers. Be sure to tune back in two weeks from now when we have Brandy from the Star Wars track at Dragon Con to discuss the track and the convention.

Wrapping up the show, the hosts field a question in Ask us Anything.

Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

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Her Universe unveils new Marvel line

After a few teases and leaks, Her Universe officially revealed a new brand in the store: Marvel. Available now are a number of Marvel-themed shirts, tanks, dresses, leggings, dresses, and even a Captain America cardigan complete with shield on the back.

The site shows that these new products are in stock and available to order, so head to the link above to check out the new Marvel by Her Universe line.

Her Universe announce new products for Star Wars Weekends

581ab7b6-e9bd-4edf-9e45-c222bdb3a076Good news! Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe are coming back to Star Wars Weekends. Even better news! She’s bringing a boatload of new products with her!

Among the products are the Han Solo dress you see on the right, new skirts, tops, and an all new line of Artoo-themed jewelry that you can see at the link and video above.


Her Universe gets a site redesign, Jaina and Mara shirts available online

Jaina Mara shirts

If you haven’t been over to Her Universe today, you may have missed that the site got an overhaul!

You may also have missed that today, the limited time Jaina and Mara shirts debuting at San Diego Comic Con are also available on the site. The Jaina shirt is currently online and available for purchase, and according to Her Universe, the Mara shirt should also be available shortly. Plus, brand new Doctor Who and The Walking Dead items are now online too including a super awesome looking zombie hoodie. So head over and take a look!

New Ahsoka, Expanded Universe merch debuting at SDCC

Ashoka and Expanded Universe fans are in for a treat courtesy of Her Universe. In an e-mail that went out earlier this morning, fans were notified that new shirts are incoming!

It’s July… so that means only one thing…San Diego Comic Con! Get ready for exclusives, new merchandise, and exciting conversations! Her Universe will be at Comic-Con in full force and we hope to see you there! We’ll have a booth in the Star Wars Pavilion (#2913-F) at SDCC, providing fans with a unique experience. We’ll have all new merchandise for Star Wars, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Battlestar Galactica. We’ll also be debuting new Star Wars designs every day. 500 Return of the Jedi necklaces will debut on Wednesday, 100 Dave Filoni designed “Ahsoka’s Choice” shirts on Thursday, 100 Jaina Solo shirts on Friday and 100 Mara Jade shirts on Saturday. Each Jaina Solo and Mara Jade shirt will come with a free book courtesy of Del Rey publishing! Lots going on, plus a Her Universe panel! Read about it here. For those NOT going to San Diego Comic Con, do not fear! You can celebrate SDCC from home…all of the merchandise (except the ROTJ necklace), plus more, will go on sale on our website on July 18th. There is Comic-Con love for all!

Best Wishes,


And just what do these new shirts look like? Here you go.

New HU releases


That’s right. A Jaina shirt based on the Sword of the Jedi promotional art and a Mara Jade shirt using the Choices of One paperback art. Finally, a Mara shirt that doesn’t feature the catsuit!

These new items (except the RotJ necklace) are available on the Her Universe website starting July 18th.

Her Universe Comes To Celebration Europe

European fangirls can rejoice because Ashley Eckstein and Her Universe will be at Celebration Europe in July!  This is the very first time that Her Universe will have a presence in Europe and the Celebration store will have a selection of the products.

Celebration Europe will also have their very own Her Universe exclusives that are likely to sell fast.

Eckstein is bringing 200 of her exclusive Return of the Jedi 30th anniversary necklaces to Germany. Each necklace comes with an autograph certificate by Eckstein. They will be first come, first serve. […] Highlights include an exclusive design by Clone Wars Supervising Director Dave Filoni featuring Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, limited to only 200, as well as a Celebration Europe exclusive Darth Vader dress using art Eckstein has loved from Japanese tea towels.

Check out pictures of some of the new Her Universe products that will be available at Celebration Europe beneath the cut!

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Her Universe Gears Up for May the Fourth

We’re not super big fans of May the 4th here at Tosche Station–we prefer to call it Jacen Solo Day, in honor of stupid puns–but we always accept any “excuse” to celebrate the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Her Universe is getting in the spirit by announcing new pieces available exclusively at Hot Topic starting May 4 at 1 am. The new pieces include two Star Wars dresses, a Empire Strikes Back t-shirt, and a Han Solo shirt.

The first 500 online orders will receive a free cinch sack, so act quickly!