Review: Chewbacca #3

The Star Wars offices of Marvel must have Phil Noto locked away and drawing at the speed of light because we’ve got another new issue of Chewbacca out today. Gerry Duggan’s story of everyone’s favorite wookiee on his own continues after an explosive end to the last issue.

Chewbacca is a miniseries that’s far harder to comment on each individual issue as it’s more so one continuous story than the Leia book and less happens than in the Lando one. Consequently, that makes reviews trickier. In lieu of saying more of the same of what you’ve read for the past two issues, let’s go with a short assortment of observations.

  • I love that people say things like “We just sarlacc’ed them.”
  • Apparently not everyone in the galaxy knows what a wookiee is.
  • Why did it have to be bugs?
  • There seems to be an effort to show more people in Star Wars with a disability that isn’t just magically fixed like Luke’s hand or Han’s eye that one time in Legends.
  • Is Zarro the only kid who is stuck in these mines?
  • And just how old is she anyways?
  • Phil Noto’s art, man. HIS ART.
  • Okay but now I’m curious. What exactly does sarlacc’ed mean? Because ‘eaten alive and digested for a thousand years’ is oddly specific and really doesn’t seem to apply to this situation…

End of the day, Chewbacca continues to be a fun read and it’s nice to see him take center stage for once.