Think Geek wins at listening to customers

jayne-hatIt made the rounds this week that Fox started sending cease and desist orders to Etsy sellers who were producing their own version of the iconic ‘Jayne hat’ from Joss Whedon’s cult TV show Firefly. Both Ripple Junction, who now owns the license to make the hats and ThinkGeek, who sells them, denied any involvement in sending the C&D orders. ThinkGeek posted a blog entry attesting to as much.

While there’s not much that can be done for intrepid Firefly fans who want to sell their own versions of Jayne’s hat, ThinkGeek just announced that they have heard the outcry from fans and therefore will donate all proceeds from the sale of the official Jayne hat on sale at their website to Can’t Stop the Serenity, an organization that hosts charity screenings of Serenity in order to help support Equality Now, a worldwide charity that works to further the cause of human rights and end violence and discrimination against women around the world.

Four for you, ThinkGeek. You go, ThinkGeek.

Geeky Clothing Item of the Day: Rogue Squadron Hockey Jersey

We’ve all got geeky t-shirts. Maybe even geeky jackets. But do you have a geeky hockey jersey? I didn’t think so. Over on Twitter Nanci and I were alerted to this item that I need in my closet yesterday.

Yes that is a Rogue Squadron hockey jersey and good heavens I want it so much. It even features the Rogue Squadron insignia on the shoulders! If you head over to the product page and you have $95 on hand, you can order yourself up a custom jersey that lets you supply your own name and number. Maybe instead of a Skywalker 77 you want an Antilles 77?

EXTERMINATE! New Dalek dress from Her Universe

dalekdressWith Easter approaching, you can almost hear the Doctor Who fans bubbling with excitement as the show gets set to return from its mid-series hiatus. Now there’s another reason for (female) fans to get excited. Her Universe has introduced another Doctor Who themed item: a Dalek dress.

This is another Hot Topic exclusive item that fans can pick up for $26.50-30.50. Keep in mind that Ashley did say this one runs small but not as small as the previous TARDIS dress.

Ashley Eckstein Reveals New Fashion Plans for Her Universe

Speaking of geeky clothing

Ashley Eckstein, the voice of Ahsoka Tano on The Clone Wars and creator of the Her Universe fashion line, was recently interviewed by Justin Howard. Several questions involved plans for future designs and branching out to fashion staples beyond t-shirts. Of particular note:

Hot Topic has been an amazing partner for us! We developed our first dress with Hot Topic, a TARDIS dress from Doctor Who, and we are currently developing a fashion line together which contains more dresses, leggings and even cute sleep wear!

More dresses – yay! But even better…

JH – Are there any other areas of fashion you want or have plans to get into?

AE – We definitely plan on getting more into fashion items; dresses, leggings, skirts, cardigans but we will continue to push the envelope and expand on our staple items like tees, v-necks, tanks and sleep wear. Everyday fashion that girls can wear to school, work, parties, dates, etc.

CARDIGANS!!! *cue hyperventilating*

You don’t understand. I love cardigans. Love love love. I’m always cold, and I have a billion cardigans (okay, not really, more like 10) that I wear to work, because they’re easy on, easy off, and look professional while being comfortable. Alas, my Star Wars manga hoodie doesn’t quite fit the dress code. If I owned a Star Wars cardigan, I would never take it off!

*begs for Star Wars cardigan*

Finally, Ashley says about the fans:

I am influenced by the fans. We do most of our marketing and PR through social media and I am very active with our fans on a daily basis. So they tell me what shows and movies they are watching. They tell me what kind of art they like and what music they are listening to. A lot of companies are scared of getting too close to their fans. I would say the key to our success is listening to our fans. It creates a sense of loyalty. I feel extremely loyal to our fans and, in turn, I hope they feel loyal to us.

Indeed we do, Ashley, and I’ll be even more loyal once I get my Star Wars cardigan! 😉 


Hunger Games/Star Wars Mashup Tee is an Instant Purchase

I fully admit it, I’ve got a thing for nerdy t-shirts. Especially nerdy t-shirts that have crossover fandom appeal. I’ve got Woot’s lovely DeLorean and TARDIS fender bender shirt, the It’s a (ghost)Trap tee. I’ve even got that Cheers/Star Wars mashup. Suffice to say, when Nanci spotted today’s crossover gem, it was an instant purchase. Ript Apparel put together something I couldn’t say no to.

A Hunger Games/Star Wars mashup? Yeah, that’s a purchase. And you should get one too. The Rebel Games tee is available today only for $10.