The Mouse Droid #2: Food and Wine


This month on The Mouse Droid, we catch up on the news, bid farewell to The Great Movie Ride, and preview the 2017 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!

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So You Want To Go To Disney World – Mission: SPACE

Introduced to Disney’s Epcot resort in 2003, Mission: SPACE instantly became one of the most intense attractions at Walt Disney World. Teams of four enter a flight simulator strapped to a centrifuge to embark on an interactive mission to Mars where not everything goes quite as expected.

The Geek Appeal

Ever daydreamed about being an astronaut or blasting off into deep space?

Mission: Space is the second of Walt Disney World’s two space-themed thrill rides. The difference between this attraction and Space Mountain, however, is thirty years of technological advances, and those innovations have translated into an extremely geeky ride.

The fun starts in the waiting room where you’re greeted with a video of Gary Sinise of Apollo 13 fame (Or Lieutenant Dan if you prefer) acting as your CAPCOM and explaining what you’re in for. From there you’re ushered into another holding area where you’re given your assignments for the mission. Depending on where you’re standing prior to entering the ride, you’ll be assigned the role of commander, engineer, pilot, or navigator.

Inside the ride itself, you’re treated to a simulator full of all sorts of knobs and dials and switches designed to look like the interior of a space shuttle or Apollo era capsule. Ever wanted to pretend you’re an astronaut? You’ll get your wish on this ride, because after playing with the instrument panel, the centrifuge spins up and simulates a launch experience so real your entire body will get pinned back into your seat. Trust me, you won’t even be able to lift your arms.

Attraction Strategy

Unlike Space Mountain, Mission: Space is an extremely efficient ride and can move guests through the line in a hurry. Even on the worst days, the longest you’ll typically wait in line as a standby is thirty minutes. In the off-season months, it’s often a walk-on ride. With that in mind, a fastpass isn’t usually necessary for this ride, so don’t feel compelled to use one unless there’s nothing else that interests you as an option at the park.

Is This Attraction For You?

Mission: Space is a violent and very spinny ride, but here’s the other interesting part of this attraction: There are two intensity options. The most intense version known as the Orange Line features a centrifuge that simulates rapid acceleration. There’s also the Green Line that features the same simulator but locks the centrifuge in place, only moving the cabin about in a manner similar to the likes of Star Tours and flight simulators seen throughout the country at various theme parks and museums.

If high thrills and spinning work for you, the Orange Line will prove exceedingly entertaining. If you can’t handle that but can deal with a more traditional flight simulator, the Green Line is the ticket.