Billy Dee Williams Attending Dragon*Con 2013

Going to be attending Dragon*Con this year? If you’re a Star Wars fan, you may be happy to hear that Billy Dee Williams will be in attendance again.

Bring along your copy of Scoundrels to pose with him for photo opportunities.

Cosplay Monday: Hogwarts Founders

For this week’s Cosplay Monday, we’re bringing you perfection in a photo.  No, not actually a character named perfection, just a perfect costume group!  Check out this AMAZING group of Hogwarts Founders: Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, and Salazar Slytherin!  I love the unique spins they each put into their costumes while making obvious the character they are portraying.  And Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, and Hufflepuff all have their special artifacts!  Honestly, I can’t say enough things about how wonderful each and every one of them look.  Job well done!

Cosplay Monday: Ursula

Cosplay Monday returns with this cool photograph by darkainmx of brethlessaire as Ursula from The Little Mermaid that I found via Tumblr!  Her costume isn’t just gorgeous but is also incredibly detailed and undoubtedly took a lot of work.  It’s also probably one of the most impressive looking versions of a “humanized” Disney villain/character that I’ve ever seen.

Cosplay Monday: Lin Bei Fong

Here are Tosche Station, we are big fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Legend of Korra.  (Don’t worry: we’re working on converting Nanci!)  Therefore, it makes sense that this awesome Lin Bei Fong costume by Jeni Hellum would catch our eye!  Not only does she make a great Lin but the costume itself is incredibly impressive especially with the attention to detail.  The armor looks like it is real functional armor and she could totally be ready to take down criminals in Republic City at a moment’s notice.


Cosplay Monday: Dr. Strange and Clea

After an extra special Cosplay Week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled Cosplay Monday and we have more costumes from Dragon*Con to help take your mind off that horrible case of the Mondays you might be coming down with.

Check out how fantastic Allen/loganallenwolf and Mary/twinklebat (both of the Superhero Costuming Forum) look as Dr. Strange and Clea.  Both of them could have stepped right off the page of a Marvel Comic and their costumes looked just as impressive in person.  Well done to both of them!

Cosplay Week: Hallis Saper

We’re wrapping up Cosplay Week with another appropriate costume for Tosche Station.  Hopefully you’ve enjoyed seeing these fantastic costumes as much as we did and, as always, if you recognize any of these costumes, let us know so we can credit them!

One thing we don’t see enough of at conventions is Expanded Universe costumes outside side of a handful of big name characters.  While we always love seeing some great SWEU costumes, we especially love seeing characters who don’t get as much love.  Enter this fabulous Hallis cosplayer from Celebration VI.  We’ve never seen someone attempt this costume before and we’re pretty sure she nailed it.

Edit: You can find her website here!

Cosplay Week: Tropic Thunder

Cosplay Week continues with Bria’s personal favorite costume from Dragon*Con and that’s saying something given how many awesome costumes were at the con.  Once again, I don’t know who the cosplayer was so if anyone recognizes him, please let us know so we can credit accordingly!

Everyone remembers Tropic Thunder, right?  It was a comedy from 2008 that riffed on action films and is responsible for a lot of gifs of Robert Downey Jr. in blackface on tumblr.  One of the funniest parts of the film were the fake film trailers at the start.  RDJ’s character starred in a fictious film called “Satan’s Alley”, Jack Black’s character was in a Nutty Professor, and Ben Stiller’s character is the ailing action star.  His trailer is for the latest in his franchise, Scorcher VI.  (Check it out on YouTube if you don’t remember.)  I positively love the film and when I saw this costume, I went running after the guy to snag a picture.  Props to this awesome costumer for rocking a minor yet hilarious costume like this one!

Cosplay Week: Captain Marvel

We’re continuing with Cosplay Week here at Tosche Station and featuring some of the fabulous costumes we spotted at Celebration VI and Dragon*Con! Again, we don’t know who the cosplayers were for most of these so if you recognize the costumer, please let us know so we can give proper credit!

If you’re a regular reader of Tosche Station, it’s no secret that we’re big fans of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel around here and we were definitely hoping to see some cosplayers with her new costume.  Dragon*Con costumers didn’t fail us and amongst the sea of Lokis and Hawkeyes, we found her!  Not only did her costume look great but she had some serious Carol attitude!  (Please notice the bonus defeated Deadpool we got for recognizing and loving her costume.)

Gender Swapped Wraith Squadron

You’ve heard us talk about it before and you’ve even seen a teaser picture but now, direct from Dragon*Con, we bring you the Gender Swapped Wraith Squadron featuring, yes that’s right, some of the Tosche Station staff!  We had an absolute blast getting the group together especially since we got to chat with the one and only Aaron Allston after a panel as the Wraiths.

Allston's Wraiths

The Wraiths with their creator!  Check out the rest of the photoshoot after the jump!

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