Geek Girl Con 2014 Convention Report

geek girl con logoGeek Girl Con is not a very large convention, only taking up the atrium of the Seattle Conference Center, and this year it happened to fall on the same weekend as New York Comic Con. Understandably, there were not a lot of big names present at Geek Girl Con 2014. But GGCs fourth year (and my third year attending) was, once again, a very fun time.

What makes Geek Girl Con stand out is its focus. It doesn’t specifically emphasize comics or anime or games or any particular medium or fandom like that. Instead, it is focused on celebrating geeky women and creating a safe, inclusive space for people of all types to enjoy the things they love and you could really tell, both from the make-up of the attendees and from the panel topics. Not only were a very large portion of the attendees women, but throughout the conventions various forms of non-traditional gender presentation were on display, even beyond the cosplay. The whole convention just has an open and friendly atmosphere and there really does seem to be a sense of community. Continue reading

Cosplay Monday: Michonne

Welcome back to another edition of Cosplay Monday where we try to brighten your morning with some excellent costumes!  We’ve got another awesome costume for you from Megacon this year that was found via Tumblr.  The only thing better than a great costume is when it’s a kid wearing a great costume.  Check out this awesome girl as Michonne from The Walking Dead.  To make things even better, it looks like she got her Dad to be one of Michonne’s trademarked armless walkers.  She just looks so badass.  Better not mess with her. 😉


Cosplay Monday: Jurassic Park

Welcome back to another edition of Cosplay Monday where we find some awesome costumes to help cheer you up as you start your work week.  This week, we’re going with a bit of a theme because as you might be aware, a little film called Jurassic Park celebrated its 20th anniversary this weekend with a 3D theatrical release.  So today, we’re highlighting this great costume by Rachel Williams!  Her Jurassic Park ranger costume is spot on and awesome looking!  Plus, check out that rad car!

jurassicpark2 jurassicpark1

Cosplay Monday: Cable

Welcome to another edition of Cosplay Monday where we try to distract you from the start of another work week with some awesome costumes!  This week, we’re spotlighting another cosplayer from Katsucon this year who put together a pretty awesome Cable costume.  Tough guy attitude, bionic arm, pouches galore, and a BFG?  Yup.  Definitely Cable!


Cosplay Monday: Airbender Family

It’s time for another Cosplay Monday where we try to brighten the start of your work week with some awesome looking cosplay.  One of the best/worst things about a conventions is that there is so much amazing cosplay that you can’t possibly catch it all so you have to look at everyone’s pictures afterwards.  Today’s costume group is one that I saw across the way at Katsucon but couldn’t get away from what I was doing to take a picture.  Luckily, David Ngo snapped a great picture of this amazing Airbender Family group from Avatar: Legend of Korra.  The entire group is nothing short of perfect.  I don’t even need to say anything else.  Just look at their perfection.

Airbending Family DavidNgo

Katsucon Cosplay Round Up

This past weekend was Katsucon, an anime convention held just outside of Washington DC in National Harbor, MD.  In addition to being a great anime convention in general, Katsucon also has the distinction of making its home in the Gaylord, one of the most beautiful hotels I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing which makes for some wonderful photos.  It’s also a nice sized convention that feels neither small nor overcrowded.  (Yes, walking is totally possible here!)  From the panels to the maid cafe to the artist alley and dealer room to simply people watching, there was something for everyone last weekend.  If you live in the area or simply want to check out a fun convention at the most gorgeous hotel of all time, I absolutely recommend checking it out next February.

One of the wonderful things about conventions is the variety of costumes that convention goers (and the innocent people who wander into the hotel) get to see.  Despite being an anime convention, Katsucon boasts a wide variety of costumes from every anime and manga imaginable to western television shows and comics.  Obviously, anime and manga costumes ruled here but there are some fandoms that will always have a presence such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Disney, Homestuck, and both Marvel and DC comics.  This year, I also noticed a solidly large gathering of costumes from last fall’s Rise of the Guardians film and Adventure Time along with a ton of Kid Loki and Korra cosplayers.  And, of course, Sailor Moon continued to have a solid presence, something that is likely to only increase with the anime’s return this year.

(Just as a note, please let me know if you recognize yourself or others in any of these pictures.  Unfortunately, my plan of trying to get cosplayer names mostly backfired due to being in costume myself for much of the convention and touchscreen phones do not work with gloves.  Please feel free to comment though and I’ll be more than happy to edit credit into this post!)

Because we are primarily a Star Wars blog, I’m going to start with some of the great Star Wars costumes I spotted this weekend.  (I did my best to sprint down the corridor after most of the ones I saw but undoubtedly missed a few.)  Check out these Star Wars costumers (and many more!) after the jump! Continue reading

Cosplay Monday: Gamorrean Warrior

We’re back with another edition of Cosplay Monday: the weekly post where we try and awe you with an awesome costume and distract you from your case of the Mondays.  This week, we’re spotlighting an incredible looking Gamorrean costume spotted at Dragon*Con 2010 by photographer Insane-Pencil.  (If you know who the costumer is, please let us know and we’ll add in credit!)  Everything about this costume looks great and super impressive.  Well done!  (Who thinks this costumer should tackle a certain Wraith Squadron pilot next?)


Cosplay Monday: Toph Bei Fong

It’s time for another Costume Monday where we try to make easing back into the work week more bearable with some cool costumes.  We’re going back to a Tosche Station favorite this week and highlighting an amazing costume from Avatar: The Last Airbender.  Check out this great Toph Bei Fong costume by melonl0rd.  Not only does her costume look great but she definitely has the Toph attitude down pat.


Cosplay Monday: Mandalorian Warrior

We’re back with another edition of Cosplay Monday: the weekly post where we try and awe you with an awesome costume and distract you from your case of the Mondays.  This week, we’re highlighting a pretty cool costume by hydraness over on DeviantArt.  Check out her original Mandalorian character: Umi.  The armor looks pretty awesome and it’s always neat seeing someone create and costume as their very own character in the Star Wars universe.  Plus, anyone who’s willing to go outside and shoot in the snow for a photoshoot has my respect.  You can check out more pictures of the costume and more of hydraness’s work over at her DeviantArt page.

Umi hydraness

Cosplay Monday: Darth Traya

It’s Cosplay Monday again, aka the post we fill with a cool costume every week to try and make your Monday morning more bearable.

This week, we’re spotlighting an awesome costume from the Knights of the Old Republic video games.  Check out DarthCuddle‘s costume of Darth Traya, aka Kreia from Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords!    Not only is it a cool looking costume that you don’t see very often but she looks amazing!  I’m especially impressed by the work she put into the headdress.

Kreia2 Kreia1