Knights of the Old Replay: The Cosplay Interlude

So listen. There was a plan. There was a great plan when I started this series that I was going to play the first game in January and casually work on my Visas Marr costume for Celebration at the same time. That? That went out the window around the time when I decided, “Hey what if I made the costume in time for Katsucon in February and got it 501st approved by then too?”

We’ll just consider this an interlude. All the cool writing projects have them now, right?

I’ve loved Visas ever since I first played the second KOTOR game over a decade ago because 1) Rule of Cool and 2) I just really liked her character and backstory. I think I played favorites with her, Atton, Mandalore, and HK-47 once I got the latter two. Visas has been on cosplay wish list for at least five years now and when I discovered during Dragon Con that some of my friends were still as into the KOTOR games as me… honestly, it was meant to be. (If only you could have seen the aggressive high fives that kept occurring that weekend once we decided to do this group for Celebration and Dragon Con next year…)

One of the best things about making a costume with the intent of submitting it to the 501st is that breakdown your research is done for you. You just have to look up the CRL, study the breakdown intensely, and then go from there. It’s just a matter of finding everything and making it. That’s the real struggle. Thankfully, I lucked out with finding my fabrics. For the leather, I already knew from a previous project that JoAnn’s carried one that would work and for the red, my magical fabric warehouse place came through and gave me what I needed for a good price. Continue reading

Awesome Con 2015 – Convention Report

AC_2015_LOGO_DC_DARKAnother year, another awesome Awesome Con. As promised, this still relatively young convention headed by Ben Penrod pulled together another great show that left attendees happy and content by the end of Sunday. When you look around the hall, it’s hard to remember that Awesome Con is a mere three years old and that it was mostly confined to a hall perhaps a quarter of the size of its current location in its inaugural year in 2013. While it’s true that DC was thirsty for a convention just like this, what has really helped Awesome Con succeed is its willingness to listen, learn, and correct its mistakes. Last year, the biggest complaint was over registration. They were prepared this year and no one was forced to wait outside in the heat thanks to a combination of changing their precise location within the convention center, mailing out 3-day badges to those who preordered in time, and having a huge area dedicated to registration and entering. Panel lines also appeared to be managed much better this year with some rooms actually being dedicated line spaces for the larger rooms.

One of the great things about Awesome Con is that it’s hard to get bored. The convention hall was even bigger then last year, featuring tons of dealers, lots of great artists, and even a corner for all things Star Wars. The aisles are adequately wide enough so that one never felt claustrophobic trying to get through the crowds. The convention also made good use of the expanse convention center building. What fascinated me was how freaking huge that convention center is. I thought there was only the building used the previous two years but oh no. There is way more then that which is great news is Awesome Con wants to keep growing larger and larger. Space won’t be an issue any time soon.

Detouring back for a moment, the Star Wars corner was a great addition to the convention as a one stop shop for all the GFFA action. The local 501st, Rebel Legion, and Mandalorian Mercs groups all had tables set up as did the Artoo Builders and the local DC Collectors. The corner also featured Rob and Leanne Hannah; creators of the Blue Milk Special web comic. As someone who was fresh off a Star Wars centric convention, I loved this area of the floor because it felt like home.  The Star Wars corner also hosted ‘Blast a Trooper’ for charity which is exactly what it sounds like.  My hat is off to those brave souls who were willingly shot at with nerf guns in the name of charity. Continue reading

Celebration Anaheim Cosplay Roundup

Conventions are the best places to see amazing cosplay, and Celebration Anaheim was no exception! You could see cosplay everywhere you went, from outside the convention center to the exhibit halls to walking down the street. And since (most of) the cosplay was Star Wars oriented, I actually knew most of the costumes! It was great seeing obscure EU characters right alongside dozens of stormtroopers.

Shoshana spotted Barriss and Luminara.

There were mash-ups galore, including muppet stormtroopers.

muppet troopers

Steampunk Lady Boba Fett.

steampunk fett

Sharp-dressed stormtroopers.


Evil Queen Sith.

evil queen jedi

And World War II era Luke Skywalker.

red 5

We saw people dressed as planets, like this duo as a landspeeder flying alongside the twin suns of Tatooine.


Kay from Fangirl Blog put together a secret Rey costume.


The Tosche Station crew got in on the fun, too. Bria dressed as Revan.



And friend of the show/House Organa co-founder Nic joined our Punk Legends photo shoot.

space trash

Rebels characters were everywhere, and the children were especially adorable.

kanan and ezra

sabine and ezraWe saw one of my favorite villains from the Legends universe, Ysanne Isard.


And finally, this older Han and Leia shows that cosplay is for everyone!

han and leia

You can see more of my cosplay photos below!



Katsucon 2015 Convention Report

Even Baymax came to Katsucon!

Another February and therefore another Katsucon have come and gone.  Two weekends ago, geeks from around the country descended on National Harbor, Maryland for a very frozen convention weekend.  The convention didn’t play host to the US’s round of the World Cosplay Summit this year but that certainly didn’t seem to put a dent in attendance numbers.  In fact, the convention seemed bigger this year both in terms of attendance numbers and the scale of the con itself.  There was a nice variety of programming that ran through a good 2/3 of the day if not more.  One of the best programming selections were the various cosplay construction lectures that covered everything from basic cosplay advice to how to build armor.  There’s always something for everyone.

The dealer room was especially good this year and much larger than in years past both in terms of the number of vendors (or so it seemed) and there being enough aisle space to move comfortably.  One of the best additions though was definitely the space set aside for the Men at Arms: Reforged folks.  They have a YouTube show in which they recreate fictional weapons, often with a twist.  One of their latest was the scissor blade from Kill la Kill which they decided to make out of actual melted down scissors.  How cool is that?  They even brought the blade with them and let con-goers pose with it.

Unfortunately, registration continues to be an issue.  The lines to get badges seemed to be an eternal fixtures on the lower level with the line usually going to the other end of the corridor.  Wait times were measured not in minutes but rather in hours.  It is my hope that for the sake of the con goers that Katsucon sits down and reevaluates their badge system.

On the cosplay front, the costumes worn by so many attendees were amazing as always.  The best costume of the con was, without question, this gorgeous La Muerte from The Book of Life.  The pictures don’t even do her work justice.

Picture by Rich and Strange Photography

Continue reading

Geek Girl Con 2014 Convention Report

geek girl con logoGeek Girl Con is not a very large convention, only taking up the atrium of the Seattle Conference Center, and this year it happened to fall on the same weekend as New York Comic Con. Understandably, there were not a lot of big names present at Geek Girl Con 2014. But GGCs fourth year (and my third year attending) was, once again, a very fun time.

What makes Geek Girl Con stand out is its focus. It doesn’t specifically emphasize comics or anime or games or any particular medium or fandom like that. Instead, it is focused on celebrating geeky women and creating a safe, inclusive space for people of all types to enjoy the things they love and you could really tell, both from the make-up of the attendees and from the panel topics. Not only were a very large portion of the attendees women, but throughout the conventions various forms of non-traditional gender presentation were on display, even beyond the cosplay. The whole convention just has an open and friendly atmosphere and there really does seem to be a sense of community. Continue reading

Katsucon 2014 Report and Cosplay Roundup

Another February means another Katsucon.  It’s one of the largest anime conventions on the East Coast and makes its home at the Gaylord Hotel and Resort in National Harbor, MD, just outside of Washington DC.  This year, it was quite the frozen convention to say the least (you’ll get that pun in a minute) with a massive snow storm bringing the East Coast to a standstill.  Hundreds of eager con-goers found their travel plans suddenly thrown into chaos as flights, trains, and buses were cancelled right and left.  While there are undoubtedly plenty of attendees who weren’t able to make it, the convention was still rather filled with more and more people trickling in over Friday and Saturday.  Friday was, however, a good day for costumers who wanted to get pictures in the famed gazebo.

Continue reading

A Cry for Practicality in Star Wars Fashion

It’s no secret that we at Tosche Station dislike Mara Jade’s catsuit. The reasons are many: it’s a symbol of sexism and objectification of female characters; it’s not what she’s described as wearing in the Thrawn Trilogy; we hate seeing her in the same outfit all the damn time. My dislike–even hatred–of the catsuit comes down to one simple matter.

It’s not practical.

Continue reading

Bria’s ‘Razor’s Edge’ cosplay featured on Suvudu

Our own Bria was featured in an interview over at Suvudu to discuss cosplay and one of her latest costumes: Leia from the cover of Razor’s Edge.

What inspired you to create this costume?

From the minute I saw the cover for Razor’s Edge, I knew that I wanted to do the costume. I’ve said to my friends in the past that so many of the book covers with Leia bore me because they almost all show her in her film costumes. This was absolutely not something she wore in the films but it works so well for not only her character but also for the role she’s filling within the book as a leader of the Rebel Alliance on a vital mission. She gets to wear an outfit that shouts ‘this is meant for action!’ without automatically having to wear a catsuit. I had an idea for how I wanted to make the costume and one day, I challenged myself to complete the costume in 12 hours because I loved the look of it that much.

For the rest of the interview and for more photos, head over to Suvudu.

Cosplay Monday: Wakanda

Welcome back to another edition of Cosplay Monday where we try to help your week get off to a great start with some awesome costumes.  This week, we’re featuring another costume group from Megacon this year and it comes to us via Albotas (and Tumblr).  Behold, the best group of Black Panther and Wakanda related characters that you will ever see.  Not only do they all look AMAZING but it’s a very unique group.  Personally, I wish I could’ve seen them in person.  Wow, folks.  My metaphorical hat is off to you.


Tosche Station Radio #51: I Want That On My Body


Play in new window | Download

The hosts are joined by costumers Bria and Heather to talk costuming and cosplay on this episode of Tosche Station Radio!

Kicking off the show, Nanci highlights what’s New on the Blog. Bria reviewed Legacy #1 and visited more of the YJK books on the Waru Express. Meanwhile, Nanci explained how the Sequel Trilogy and the EU aren’t mutually exclusive.

In Fixer’s Flash, Nanci’s kept herself busy by visiting the Orlando Science Center to see the Star Wars: When Science Meets Imagination Exhibit. While there she attended a Q&A and Meet and Greet with Ashley Eckstein. She also started reading Wool by Hugh Howey and Night Train to Rigel by Timothy Zahn. Brian, meanwhile, kept himself busy with sports. Lots of sports. Bria’s been reading Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell and has blogged at her other gig at the White Hot Room. Heather was over at PAX East and Brian is very jealous.

Deak’s Dirt kicks off with Harrison Ford talking Episode VII. In that other Star franchise, there’s a new Star Trek Into Darkness international trailer. Her Universe has a new Dalek dress available now and other stuff coming in May. Finally, it’s reported that the Clone Wars bonus content will be two arcs and layoffs at Lucasfilm animation have already taken place.

This week’s Camie’s Concerns is all about costuming and the hosts are joined by staff writer and White Hot Room blogger Bria as well as Zhobot’s Heather. Did you know they’re both also members of The Lady Rogues and the Outlander Club? The guests and hosts discuss the allure of cosplay and costuming, the cosplay they’ve done, and offer up advice for costuming rookies.

Wrapping up the show, the hosts field questions in our Ask Us Anything segment.

Tosche Station Radio is the official podcast of and a part of Majestic Giraffe Productions. If you like what you hear, please leave a review on the iTunes Music Store. We can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Nanci and Brian are the co-founders and writers of You can find Nanci on Twitter with the handle @Nancipants and you can find Brian with @LaneWinree.

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