A Cry for Practicality in Star Wars Fashion

It’s no secret that we at Tosche Station dislike Mara Jade’s catsuit. The reasons are many: it’s a symbol of sexism and objectification of female characters; it’s not what she’s described as wearing in the Thrawn Trilogy; we hate seeing her in the same outfit all the damn time. My dislike–even hatred–of the catsuit comes down to one simple matter.

It’s not practical.

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Hasbro’s Mara Jade Figure Shifts to Black Series

hasbro-jedi-mara-500x691The good news is the Mara Jade figured many feared was cancelled will be hitting store shelves after all. Yay! The bad news is that Mara is still wearing the catsuit. Boo.

The figure will be released as part of the second wave of Hasbro’s Black Series, a lineup that’s geared towards collectors. That, of course, means that this figure will be even harder to find than it would have been before. So if you’re hoping to get your hands on one, prepare to hit eBay and don’t hold your breath.