Holonet Blast #5

Only a few items of note this week, so let’s get to them!


Michael Kenneth Williams, perhaps best known as Omar on The Wire, has joined the as-yet-untitled Han Solo spinoff film! That’s literally all we know; no character hints whatsoever. Seems like LFL is at least starting to get the “wow, that’s a lot of white folks” memo, though. Faster than Marvel is, at any rate. (Source)

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Rumor: Billy Dee Williams Asked to Reprise Lando Role

Grain of salt, etc.

According to Film Buff, Billy Dee Williams has been asked to return to the Star Wars universe. As of Emerald City Comic Con a few weeks ago, Williams had not been asked to make an appearance in the new films. That may have changed right after that convention, however. Film Buff’s report indicates that Williams has been approached, but h has not a made a decision yet.

Well, friend of the site Henry R. had a chance to talk to Williams briefly at the Monster Mania convention in New Jersey this past weekend and asked him just that. He reports…

…Billy Dee said, he has been asked, but hasn’t decided if he is going to do it or not yet.

It wouldn’t surprise me if he had recently been approached by Lucasfilm, especially given that George Lucas seemed to confirm that they were in talks with Hamill, Fisher, and Ford. But, as always, it’s not official until Lucasfilm or Disney says it’s official.

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Billy Dee Williams Attending Dragon*Con 2013

Going to be attending Dragon*Con this year? If you’re a Star Wars fan, you may be happy to hear that Billy Dee Williams will be in attendance again.

Bring along your copy of Scoundrels to pose with him for photo opportunities.

Billy Dee Williams on NCIS: Review

Most of you, I’m sure, are like me right now and hoping and praying that the election results hurry up and get in so we can all get back to normal lives. For me, normal on Tuesdays involves episodes of NCIS, but since we’re missing my favorite procedural for election coverage tonight, I thought reviewing last week’s episode, which guest-starred Star Wars favorite, Billy Dee Williams, might make up for the lack of show.

Billy Dee Williams (left) as Leroy Jethro Moore and Mark Harmon (right) as Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

This episode is particularly special, as it is dedicated to the Montford Point Marines, of which Williams’ character is a fictional member. The Montford Point Marines were the first African-American marines in the United States military and served with distinction during World War II. Surviving members received the Congressional Medal of Honor in June of 2012, nearly seventy years after their service, only after Congress passed legislation in 1996 correcting an injustice that had prevented soldiers of racial minorities from receiving the honor up to that point. For this reason alone, this episode of NCIS is a special one.

Unfortunately, the episode didn’t quite live up to what it could (and should) have been in honor of these brave men. Spoilers after the jump. Continue reading