Six more LucasArts titles now available at GOG

GOG games

Available starting today at Good Old Games are six more LucasArts titles that have been optimized to play on your modern PC.

The titles available feature combat flight simulators X-Wing Alliance and its multiplayer predecessor X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. If you’re picking up X-Wing Alliance, be sure to check out the XWA Upgrade Project, which replaces the default ship and background textures int he game with re-designed high res packages.

Dark Forces brings you back to the height of the PC FPS era by putting you in the shoes of Kyle Katarn and a giant arsenal of blasters from the Galaxy Far, Far Away.

Galactic Battlegrounds was an isometric strategy game ala Civilization and Age of Empires. Battlefront II featured a bit of everything for Star Wars fans. Ship combat, third-person shooter fun, and a level of fun that had fans clamoring for a sequel for ages.

Finally there’s Knights of the Old Republic II. The ambitious sequel to Knights of the Old Republic was maligned for bugs, a very rushed second half, and an ending that was probably too vague for its own good, but it was still a very fun and thought provoking game. If you pick this one up, you may want to also look at The Sith Lords Restoration Project, which adds back in a bunch of content that were cut from the game due to production time restraints.

Some of these games are currently on sale, so go check it out!