Review: Lando #5

When I talked to Charles Soule last week, he said that he didn’t think everyone was going to be happy with the end of Lando #5 but that he was. That should be, like, a giant neon warning sign when a writer says that. A warning sign that you’re probably going to have a lot of feelings. Lando #5 by Soule and Alex Maleev is out today and boy howdy do I have some thoughts on it that can’t be fully expressed without diving into lots of spoilers. Continue reading

Review: Lando #4

Okay, that’s it. From now on, Lando’s real surname will always be Draper in my mind. Lando Calrissian-Draper. Lando #4 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev is out today and boy oh boy is our favorite charming scoundrel in over his head.

This review contains some spoilers for the issue because it’s impossible to discuss otherwise and if we’re honest, this review is really just a bunch of thoughts about the issue.

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Review: Lando #3

Lando #3 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev definitely left me wanting more when I turned the final page… and I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. (Which in itself is about to be a confusing statement because I did enjoy the issue.) Heyyyy did you all see the rad cover with Lando Draper? (Dunnna Dunnnna Dunnn.)

This was clearly not Lando’s best-planned heist. They got the ship, sure, but that was the easy part. Now the twins are fighting two Royal Guards and Lobot’s down for the count and uhhh… what exactly is on the Emperor’s private yacht?

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Review: Lando #2

If you want a book that has twists a plenty, Star Wars: Lando should do the trick. Lando #2 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev is out today and boy have Lando and company gotten into a lot more trouble than they figured. After all, who would have suspected that the yacht they stole was Emperor Palpatine’s and that he’d send three Star Destroyers after them? (Lando should’ve guessed. Only his luck would be that bad.)

This review has minor spoilers for the issue.

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Review: Lando #1

You know what any book about Lando Calrissian needs to be? Fun. Good news! Lando #1 by Charles Soule and Alex Maleev is just that. The set up is pretty simple: Lando’s in a little to deep to someone and needs to pull a job in order to settle his debt. There is of course, as there always is, a twist. And it’s a good twist. A fun twist. Have I mentioned that this book is fun yet?

Admittedly, a small part of me held a grudge against this book for taking over for the Princess Leia spot in the line up but I’m happy to report that this first issue definitely proved itself. Soule’s got a great handle on the character especially when it comes to his signature suave nature. Where Soule really gets to stretch his character muscles though is with Lobot who, for the most part, was a glorified extra in Empire Strikes Back albeit a glorified extra with some cool head implants. It’s neat to see him as the more logical voice of reason who’s also clearly a friend to Lando and not just a subordinate.

Lando #1 also continues to pattern of more women holding positions of power in the Empire as we’re introduced to another female Moff/Imperial Governor. It’s nice to see sexist firmly dropped from the list of negative words we’ve so often used to describe the Empire in the days of Legends. (Not saying that Ssaria’s necessarily a great person but hey, who am I to judge?)

I’ve enjoyed Alex Maleev’s art for a few years now (his Scarlet Witch in that issue of New Avengers was swoon worthy) but didn’t realize what a perfect fit his art with Paul Mounts’ colors would be for this book. Actually, it’s worth mentioning that Paul Mounts’ colors really help this book standout. I am digging the palettes he uses for the different scenes and locations.

Bottom line? Just like every other Star Wars book Marvel’s put out this year, this one’s a winner.

Lando #1 gets a 4/5 from me along with a recommendation.