Review – Star Wars Rebels: Rebels Resolve

rebels logoKanan’s captured, the Ghost crew is trying to track him down, and Ezra takes the lead on the penultimate episode of Rebels season one.

The episode begins with Chopper, Ezra, Zeb, and Sabine breaking into an Imperial walker to steal some information out of its computer. The hope is that they’ll find Kanan’s whereabouts, but they strike out and are forced to return to the Ghost empty handed. It’s here we get to one of the moments where I find Ezra more endearing than annoying. The more he’s like Aladdin, the more I seem to like him.

Later in the episode, Hera’s having a chat over the holocom with Fulcrum. Hera wants to keep searching for Kanan, but Fulcrum implores the crew to go into hiding instead. Fulcrum rightfully points out that it’s irresponsible to endanger the larger plan by increasing their exposure looking for Kanan. Reluctantly, Hera agrees and informs the crew that she’s calling off the search. Ezra’s not pleased, and he immediately goes about engineering a mutiny to defy Hera’s orders.

Through a series of questionable moves, Zeb and Sabine let Ezra call the shots and he immediately lets slip to Vizago (in exchange for information) that both he AND Kanan are Jedi. Hera tracks them down, chews out Ezra, but later shrugs off what he did as they go about tracking down Kanan again. I’m not too particularly fond of how this played out. It sets up Hera as being rather uncaring and Ezra as being the only one in the right. The whole crew goes along with his machinations a little too easy despite him having little experience to go on. But I digress.

Interspersed with these scenes are Kanan being tortured by Tarkin and the Inquisitor. They want to know if there’s a larger rebellion out there, but he can’t tell them. Why? As we learn in the episode, Kanan actually doesn’t know of something bigger out there. It appears that Hera hasn’t told him everything to protect him. So tell me again, who is really Specter One and in charge? Hera.

The crew learned from Vizago that with the communication tower destroyed, the Empire are using astromech droids to gather information and handle communications. They devise a plan to steal a droid, temporarily swap one with Chopper, and send Chopper to an Imperial ship orbiting overhead to steal information. The plan goes off without a hitch, and Chopper manages to return to the Ghost with Kanan’s whereabouts.

Back on the Ghost, Chopper hands over the information he stole from the Imperials. Hera sounds crestfallen when they learn of where Kanan is being taken: Mustafar. The planet where Jedi go to die.

Once again we end on a cliffhanger, but one that leads into what is looking like an explosive finale. Overall this was an extremely engaging and fun episode. I still have my quibbles with Ezra, but it’s not enough to outweigh the great stuff from the rest of the cast. Just a few more days until the first season of Rebels wraps up!