Review: Star Wars: Legacy #9

Star Wars: Legacy #9 by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman is out in stores everywhere today.  The good news is that you won’t even have to travel to the poisonous waters of Dac to get your hands on a copy!

This review contains mild spoilers.

When last we left out heroes, they’d found themselves locked into a pod and dropped into the poisoned oceans of Dac with no way out.  Thankfully, the message that Jao instructed the droid to broadcast manages to go through.  It reaches AG-37 and Sauk who show up with a just-in-time rescue and the message also makes its way back to Coruscant to a certain Jedi Master…

Luckily, my prior suspicions were right and my laments were heard.  AG-37 and Sauk are back in the picture!  Actually, this issue was a return to a slightly larger cast that was definitely welcome.  I was pleasantly surprised by the return of Master Val especially since we didn’t get to know him quite as well last arc.  Mostly though, I’m just thrilled that our main crew is back together again.  There was something missing from the book when we didn’t have Ania and Sauk together.

On the character front, we’re continuing to see the evolution of the relationship between Ania and Jao.  They’re both definitely quite distinctive personalities and we’re definitely seeing how they approach a problem from very different angles.  They do balance each other out quite nicely though as apparently they take turns being the impulsive one.  (But hey: when a Solo tells you that you’re reckless…)

There’s not much left to say about Brian Albert Thies’ artwork on this book that hasn’t already been said.  His panel layout continues to be very well done.  I particularly appreciated how he created the illusion of a porthole when they’re trapped in the escape pod in the ocean.  Rachelle Rosenberg’s colors continue to be the continuity link for the book visually and wow does she color a pretty explosion.

The story for this arc has definitely taken an interesting turn and it looks unlikely that they’ll be finding Darth Wredd and dealing with him any time soon.  The question at this point is how many more Sith will Ania and Jao find in Wredd’s wake before they finally catch up to him?

Legacy continues to get a solid thumbs up from me along with the recommendation that you read this comic book.