Review: Star Wars: Legacy #8

Star Wars: Legacy is back again this month as issue #8 by Corinna Beckho and Gabriel Hardman hits stores today.  We’d consider attaching the label of ‘trouble magnet’ to Ania Solo from here on out but honestly, now she’s just diving head first into it.

This review contains mild spoilers for the issue.

Ania and Jao continue their search for Darth Wredd and just narrowly avoid having to fight their way out of a tricky situation on Nayld.  Armed with a new (albeit narrow) lead, they head off for Dac, the now dead world that used to be the homeworld for the Mon Calamari and Quarren.  As if their mission hadn’t already been tricky enough, their ship is caught in a tractor beam by pirates and another enemy awaits them…

This is the issue where Brian Albert Thies’ art absolutely clicked for me.  Dark Horse chose well with having him be the alternate for Hardman.  I know I already said in my review of the previous issue that it seemed like a good idea but this issue absolutely sealed it for me.  Thies has a great eye for drawing panels for some pages in a way that feels new and different.  I do definitely want to draw attention to the cover artist for this issue, Agustin Alessio.  This is a gorgeously done cover and one of my favorites in a while.  I’m glad to see Alessio has done the covers for the next two issues too.

It is interesting how Beckho and Hardman are able to drop more subtle hints about Ania and her past without actually ever saying anything outright.  Ania’s ability to talk her way out of a situation is reminiscent of both her Solo and her Skywalker heritage and perhaps, even, a history with diplomacy.  (I’m sticking with my wayward-Hapan-Princess theory until proven otherwise.)

This issue focuses almost exclusively upon Ania and Jao and I definitely found myself missing AG-37 and Sauk from the action although I do suspect we shall see them again soon.  While perhaps not the best issue of the series so far, it does nicely move the plot forward and pick up on some threads and hints from the previous two issues.  It’s all another step forward on the hunt for Wredd and boy oh boy does that hunt take an interesting twist in this issue.  I really have to commend them for how fast yet nicely paced this issue was and for all the turns they worked into these pages.  It’s neat getting to see and therefore learn more about Ania and Jao but to also see how they’re evolving into a team that works quite well together.  They’re really all the reason anyone should ever need to pick up this book.

Legacy continues to be a solidly enjoyable book that I recommend you pick up and join me in anxiously awaiting the next issue.