Review: Star Wars: Legacy #6

Legacy6CoverAfter a whirlwind past couple of issues, Legacy #6 feels like a deep breath as our heroes regroup.  That’s not to say there isn’t any action since, as the cover advertises, it’s a Sith vs Sith battle but Ania Solo’s very bad day finally has come to a close.  Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman follow up on their excellent first arc with a transitional issue that’s a good read nonetheless.

This review contains mild spoilers for the issue.

The book opens with a battle between Darth Wredd and another Sith.  Meanwhile, Ania and company are right where we last left them: on their ship with Jao critically injured.  They are intercepted by one of the Empress’s Star Destroyers and taken aboard.  It’s a time of healing and regrouping for all involved and the question becomes where do they do from here?

This is the first issue without any artwork by Gabriel Hardman (although he does continue to cowrite the book with Corinna Bechko).  Instead, Brian Albert Thies takes over drawing duties with this issue.  Stylistically, it’s a great fit.  The two have similar enough art styles that the change doesn’t feel jarringly painful.  However, there is a definite difference with the change of artist (as there should be) and I found myself missing Hardman’s lines.  The two pages during Jao’s vision are incredibly well drawn and well colored and are the real standout in the book.

Bechko and Hardman continue to do a lovely job with the writing.  Again, this is a regrouping issue but that shouldn’t be confused with filler.  What happens in these pages is crucial for the overall tale as it sets up the next arc.  We even finally get some teasers into Ania’s background beyond her last name.  The line about how some people thought she was bound for greatness and some thought she’d come to a bad end was positively intriguing.  There’s a story to be told there.  There’s also a moment between Sauk and Ania and then a page a little later with Sauk that’s bound to tug at your heartstrings.  It’s a good reminder that while Ania and Jao are the leads of this story, the supporting characters are equally fleshed out and important.

At the end of the day, Issue 6 isn’t nearly as much of a blockbuster as Issue 5 but it’s definitely worth the read, just like the rest of the series.  Plus, it will leave readers wanting more immediately with its cliffhanger ending!